Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Google mobile saves searches if your connection drops

Google mobile saves searches if your connection drops

In the new Google App for Android now offers the Users a disconnected Search choice. As per the new overhaul, Users can now Search on the App notwithstanding when they are disconnected. It is...
Building useful and engaging mobile apps

Building useful and engaging mobile apps

Mobile- the word once had a different connotation two decades ago but now, it immediately strikes the idea of the device that you carry in your pocket. Hence, it is hardly a wonder that...
Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

Hulu launches user profiles on mobile

Hulu, the popular televisual service on the internet, has turned its attention towards mobile devices as they realize the increasing nature of mobile communication and the importance to ensure that they attract a growing...
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Mobile working tips to run your business from anywhere

In today’s fast moving world running business from anywhere in the world is no more a myth. It can be done from any corner of the society. Thanks to the advanced technology science. In...
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Best ways mobile technology can transform your business

The greatest pattern not too far off, obviously, is the Mobile technology. Our gadgets are more quick witted and more interconnected than any time in recent memory, enabling workplaces to work all the more...
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The impact of mobile technology on business operations

Strategies for business have advanced colossally throughout the years. This has been made conceivable by the quick mix of different Technological apparatuses that have mechanized assignments and made the business forms more straightforward and...
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Mobile technology acquisition could lie in classification

In the present decade, mobile technology has developed rapidly in every aspect. Life cannot be imagined without these advanced devices. They have become our day to day necessities. Nathan Kielman of Naval Air Warfare...
New mobility management ideas coming soon

New mobility management ideas coming soon

Mobile services take up a sizable amount of government investment by and large. Of course, the government would definitely want to cut short the budget for such strategic decisions but what is necessary is...
android or ios the best of 2016

Android vs iOS: Which Won The Battle In 2016?

The world of mobile devices is expanding fast but surely there are few battles that are as fundamental and primal as the battle between the two OS giants, Apple and Google. Google’s innovation, Android...

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