Tuesday, January 18, 2022

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How does Open Source Software build AI policy?

Firefox, the Apache web server, and Linux, the operating system that powers 86% of smartphones worldwide, are all examples of innovations born of open-source...

How robotics helping dairy

Farming isn't usually associated with advanced technology, is it? The truth is that farmers are spending a lot of time and money learning complex...

Relationship between Digital Transformation and leadership

The world is looking at new-age technologies which tend to optimise as well as transform the ways in which businesses are conducted. Digital transformation...

Privacy and security challenges for Metaverse

We can expect the companies in the Metaverse to simply collect various information for the purpose of individual identification, tracking and advertisement via multiple...

Difference between Altcoins and Bitcoins

Bitcoins take the center stage as part of the present-day cryptocurrency technology. However, Altcoins are not lagging behind either. As a matter of fact,...

Review on Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Google previously announced that it would launch a program where users could earn a certificate in three to six months without a college diploma....

How to Successfully do a Data Quality Assessment

Is your data consistently of high quality? What can you do to ensure this? The importance of data and its impact on the quality...

How to find right proposals for IoT product development

Experts specializing in IoT and Big Data Science say the internet of things (IoT) is gaining strength in the post-Covid era. IoT is now...