10 Advantages of Securing a Business Phone Number

10 Advantages of Securing a Business Phone Number 1

Some business owners and their representatives believe the trends in securing a business phone number has changed dramatically. In fact, as time passes, some people even think that these numbers are currently on life support. However, though these trends may seem to be factual, it is not really true since a business phone number is not a luxury but essential to the life of the overall business itself.

With these thoughts in mind, here are 10 advantages to securing a business phone number for your company.

  1. Not All Consumers are Connected Online

 Though the Internet has been around for decades now, there are some prospective buyers who do not have the luxury of these online resources. Based on information posted from the latest ONS or Office for National Statistics, as of 2015, 14% of the British households were not yet online. With 14% unaccounted for in this number, this is a relatively huge chunk of the British population that do not have access to the Internet nor to smart phone technology.

  1. Urgent Inquiries Need this Attention

Not all inquiries are the same nor all they timed in the same manner for getting a response. So, if you are looking for an email response to fit into a timely situation, you will tend to fall very short. This is especially the case for those customers who need an urgent response to ensure services are not cut off or obtaining a special product or services that an individual really needs urgently. In either case, it is important to note that an expeditious answer to telephone call can supersede the responses given in an email or a text. 

  1. Complex Calls — Better Suited for a Telephone Call

In addition to needing a quick response, it is also important for consumers to know that they can have the more complex calls and situations handled much easier with a telephone call. Therefore, similar to the urgency that is presented based on a particular situation, one phone call can easily beat out the back and forth in a stream of emails. In fact, when a telephone call is made, an accurate answer can be received within a matter of 5 minutes or less. Unlike other means of communications, unclear communications can further exacerbate the problem and extend the time to a day and more.

  1. Easy to Recall Numbers — Great for Branding the Business

When people need a response to an issue or need a service provided by a particular company or operation, there can be a great benefit to those companies that know what it means to have a phone number that people can remember all times. These numbers are usually better, however, when the phone number is easier to recall quickly. In some cases, people will begin to store the easier numbers to remember for a specific brand in their phone contact info.

  1. Location Specific Agendas with a Virtual Phone Number 

When a company signs up for a virtual phone number, they will find that they are a lot of benefits to making these changes. With a virtual phone number, the company can take advantage of a brand that appears to be local instead of a nationwide service.

  1. Makes Marketing Campaigns Easier to Create 

When you have a virtual phone number, you can benefit from so many different aspects of this number. One of the most essential is using the number to market both products and services. Typically, when this number has been assigned to a business, it can be used on business cards, websites, and a host of other things. So, it can be included as part of the marketing strategy for getting the message out there.

  1. Professional Companies Use VPN as a Staple 

If a small business owner wants to look like a big business image, it is not hard to do. This is because a VPN is usually associated with big companies and thereby making a smaller company look like a huge professional business operation.

  1. Human Beings Preferred to Robots 

Let’s face it. Some people do not like talking to a robot when they call their number for any business. Instead, each individual will need and prefer to talk to a live voice when they need any kind of service.

  1. Online Age Has Not Surpassed the Manual Phone Contact Experience 

While some people may think a manual phone contact number is out of the question, this is no longer true for those companies who want to remain relevant today. In truth, the two resources used (virtual phone number and online age) are just what is needed to compare a VPN service

  1. Target Group Only Contact Business Ops With Phones 

There is a group of people who will not contact a business unless they can reach their parties by using a phone number. Typically, even though emails, text and other communication are available, some people will only contact a business if they can do it by phone number.

The success of virtually any business today relies on a number of different essential factors. One of the most important for both online and brick and mortar companies is the business phone number. Though many people may think that the need for these numbers has declined sharply, it is still important for everyone to realize that the need for contacting a human for communication is involved in the business’ ultimate success.

Written by Pravash Rai

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