10 easy ways to Become Popular on Tiktok?

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TikTok is a great platform for getting local fame on the internet,, i.e., having thousands of TikTok followers supporting you. If you have any hidden talents, you can show that off here. The social media app is owned by byte dance, a Beijing based company founded by Zhang Yiming in 2012.


By now, in India only, TikTok has been downloaded a little over eight hundred million times. Most of the kids under the age of 16 have a TikTok account. People may not have a bank account or a PAN, but they sure have a TikTok account: ‘Just some Chinese things.’

The number of TikTok users is just a little shy of five hundred million. So it must be tough rising to fame when you have so much competition to look forward to. The answer is ‘not at all.’

Becoming popular on platforms like TikTok is easier than getting a haircut, well that might be a bit debatable, but the point is that it is very easy to become popular on TikTok. However, users may find it easier to buy TikTok followers on WP Dev Shed to get rapid success.

Here mentioned are the 10 Legit ways to become famous on TikTok. You just have to follow the following points strictly, and you would be boasting several thousands of followers in no time.

1.Choose a topic

It is the first thing that you need to do. Obviously, you can’t be making videos about everything and wondering why aren’t you becoming popular. You have to choose one topic and stick to it really strictly. Cause you cannot have all types of followers; for example, if you are going to make art videos, then you would have only art lovers as your followers, but if you don’t have a proper topic on your TikTok page, people would question themselves before following you.

2.Use clickbait

This isn’t a recommended thing to do, but hey so many people are already doing it, so in case nothing else is working, you can give this a try as well. Obviously, it has its own side effects and problems. But you got to admit that this is the easiest way to become famous. Just dress up, lip-sync, and use clickbait. When you use a picture that is unrelated to your video as a thumbnail, it is called using clickbait because people would watch your video in the hope of seeing the thumbnail that you used, but they would be watching a completely unrelated video of you.

3.Post regularly

This is a golden rule for gaining followers on any platform; you have to post regularly. When you post regularly, the followers you get might be at a slow rate, but it will bring you a lasting group of people that would love you for what you are and be loyal to you. I mean, who doesn’t want a loyal group of the follower.

TikTok has its own trends going on. For example, it is a well-known fact that females can get popular easily on social media. Due to this demographic fact about popularity, many boys started cross-dressing and making funny, sexy, and sometimes erotic videos. And all of them are popular right now. So you can be a little open-minded and try some sexy female dress to rise to fame.

5.Make short videos

Be very strict with this rule; no one likes long videos. Make sure your video is under a minute and has something going on. It is really frustrating to see someone just sitting in the entire video doing nothing.

6.Go crazy with tags

Use as many tags as you can; don’t feel shy at all. The more tags you use, the more chances of your video to become viral increases.

7.Always use music

It is really boring to watch a video with no sound or wit unwanted noise, so make sure your video has nice music for your viewers to enjoy.

8.Edit your videos

Don’t post unedited videos; make sure they only have what you want to show. Use filters, and even auto-tune, in case you are singing. There is no harm in using inventions that are made for people to look better and pretend that they are good at things.

9.Follow follow follow

If you want others to follow you, then follow them back. And make sure to follow small level influencers on TikTok, and make them follow you, that would bring you a lot of followers.

10.Use every social media

This is a final rule, and it is a given, share your videos on every platform and re-direct your audience on TikTok.

With these 10 points, you would be a TikTok star in no time.

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