10 Easy Ways to Speed Up & Clean Your PC in 2022

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up & Clean Your PC in 2022 1
  • Are you suffering from frequent system hangs on your PC or Laptop? 
  • Are you not able to figure out why this is recurring all the time? 

You experience frequent system shutdowns because the software of now and that of the future,  are more hardware intensive. This might put an additional burden on your RAM. 

You already know that system failure will have a negative impact on the performance of an individual. 

The time is ripe for you to understand how you could successfully Speed up and Clean your Computer. 

So let’s get started!!

The Reason Behind The Sluggishness Of Computers

There are different factors behind slowing down your computer. These are unused files that continue to procure or accumulate over time.  It accumulates and makes the processing power of your PC congested. 

You are using old backdated software that is extremely heavy. They occupy a lot of space. Under the present circumstances, they are useless but eat away vital spaces.

Virus and system malware also tend to consume vital spaces in your computer’s space. The more software you install the more files get into the storage process. Out of this software, many are not necessary at all. 

Corruption could be caused by a system failure. The operation system could be filled with bugs, the RAM data might get corrupted. Other than these power fluctuations, the failing performance of Hardware takes a heavy toll on your PC or laptop. 

Speeding Up Cleaning The PC In The Year 2022: 10 Ways

As mentioned above, software systems of today are hardware-oriented, and that is the reason running systems on lower or friendly budgets has become one of the great challenges. 

There are different ways in which you could speed up your  Computer in the year 2022. 

With a Disk Cleaner, you are to remove the large Files (Manually). 

You will have to remove a lot of filled storage that might include data like Compressed Files, Temporary Files, and Setup log files. 

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Software 

You need to uninstall unnecessary software as these programs will eat away all the space. At the same time, you will have to remove the Unused Apps, Software as well as Bloatware from your systems. 

2. Close System Tray Programs

You now need to Close System Tray Programs, and here are two steps to access this:

1. In order to access System Tray, you need to click on the Upward Arrow on the right side of the taskbar.

2. This will act to display all the running programs and immediately the running program will be stopped. 

3. Stop All The Programs That Are Running On The Startups

Stop all the programs that are running on the Startups. In order to do so, you will have to click on the Taskbar and select Task Manager. 

Thereafter, you will be able to view all the running software on the Startups. You have to close all those programs there.

4. Delete Old Files And Downloads 

Now you will have to delete the old files and Downloads. You will also have to empty your Recycling Bin.  Many software tools can make this much easier.

5. Defrag Your Hard Disk

You will have to defrag your PC spaces. This in turn follows a certain step. 

  • In the first step, you will have to Select the Search Bar in the taskbar and enter Defrag word. 
  • In the second step, you will need to Select Defragment and then Optimise the Drivers
  • In the Third Step, you will need  to select the Disk Drive that you want to make optimal use 
  • In the Fourth Step, You will have to select the Optimize button.

Next, you will have to Turn off the Transparency effect. This is specifically designed for Windows 10. 

6. Turing The Search Indexing Off

Turning the Search Indexing off will enable your computer protect from junc files piling up into the systems 

7. Checking For Malware And Spyware

You need regularly check your systems to oversee Piling of Malware and Spyware — Your antivirus will perform the task for you

8. Running Down The Troubleshooter

Some times hidden settings act to cause different types of problems. This impact the performance negatively. Running Down the Troubleshooter helps identify those latent software. 

9. Changing The Power Setting Of Your PC

Your PCs sometimes reserves a little bit of performance in order to save energy. Changing the PC’s power settings will optimize the battery usage and give best performance. 

10. Scanning The Hard Drivers

When hardware stores excessive data your computer slows down. Windows has an inbuilt system that acts to scan and fix problems of hardware. This turns out to be extremely effective for your PC. 

Congregation of these steps would surely keep your PC in good shape for a long time…and yes in 2022 also !!!


In the end, it could be said that a PC needs to be maintained regularly and you need to make sure that unnecessary elements do not cover vital space in your computer.

If you are not able to do it all alone, you could consult your nearest software engineer and discuss the following with the person. 

Written by Sony T

Sony is a passionate bloggers writes on Futuristic technologies ...

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