10 important facts about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

10 important facts about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing 1

There is no shred of doubt in that Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days and gaining popularity day by day.  In a few a years this technology has gained the same height of “Big data” and “Cloud Computing”. Artificial Intelligence is a game-changing technology that has great impact over the digital market. It is also true that nowadays marketers are mainly relies on the technology and tools for the automation of their work and to reduce manual work. It is really helpful to make our lives easier. This article tells some interesting unknown facts of Artificial Intelligence in the digital market.

No idea about Artificial Intelligence (AI)??? No worries… Let’s discuss it first in brief:

Artificial Intelligence is an activity that is used to make machines intelligent and intelligence is that feature that allows an object to perform properly in its environment. This technology has gained that much attractiveness that everyone wants to pay attention on it.   Big data power and competent analytics are joined together to stimulate a new automation approach.   Moreover, Digital Marketing is one of the fields which are highly impressive from this technology. There are various Artificial Intelligence companies in India.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can recognize human behavior to the point where not only are big data sets examined, segmented and clarified, but their meaning is also come from them. This gives back marketers the reason to modernize and nurture their brand, instead of thinking about how millions could be sent to its users. Here’s how AI is assisting digital marketers to produce winning products, answers, movements and brands.

10 facts about Artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

  1. End of Human Customer service: Gone are the days, when people were waiting on the phones or in the queues for their enquiries. It is believed that by the end of this decade, 85% of the customers are handled by the bots. Human interaction will be completely cut off.
  2. Unemployment: It is sad but true that 16% humans are going to be replaced with machines. In a coming few years, intelligent machines will take care of all the work in the industries. Thus unemployment issue will increase.
  3. AI is female: If you have heard about of the Siri, then you can understand this concept easily. Various studies show that human prefer to listen woman voice as compared to the male. Also, most AI is worked on by straight men who are more attracted to the female voice.
  4. Emotions: AI is not a knowledge store but they have emotions also. A robot names as Kismet, built in the late 1990’s can identify feelings through human body language and the tone of voice. There are various Artificial Intelligence Software companies those working on this concept.
  5. Self-Repair: Robots can repair themselves whenever they feel that performance has been degraded after losing its legs.  Exactly robots had not idea about this but they can fix it by hit and trial method.
  6. Smarter than Humans: Ability of AI is increasing day by day. It means AI is learning and its intelligence is increasing. It is assumed that in 2029, AI will have same intelligence level as humans have.
  7. Romantic Relationship between Human and Robots: According to university study, it is believed that by 2025 human marriage with robot can be possible. It will be legal soon. At this time, robots are not that much advanced for this case.
  8. AI writers: Robots can write too. Yes, you are reading right! Recently a robot has written an article on an earthquake by collecting data from a seismograph. in California.
  9. Existence of AI pets: These AI powered pets eliminate the shortcomings of having a pet e.g. must clean up them after feeding . Limited AI driven pets are present but they are supposed to come to be available by 2025.
  10. Robotics Assistance: In this year, it is possible that robots can recognize your voice and face. Thus face and voice recognition both technologies will be successfully implemented on the robots.

In the nutshell, we can say that Artificial Intelligence is likely to take us into a similar unrecognizable era of unimagined innovation and social upheaval. We are entering in that era, about which our parents were dreamt of. No doubt, Artificial Intelligence is changing our living standard and we are becoming coach potatoes.  It is also true that we are carrying that computer power in our pocket that sent a man on a moon.

Written by Mandeep

Mandeep Kaur is working as a Data Scientist in Webtunix Solutions Private Limited. I am very enthusiastic to learn about Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques. I always express my knowledge to beginners who want to start their career as a Data Scientist.

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  1. There is really no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is a game-changing technology. It helps to make our lives easier.
    Thank you for the article, I found these facts really mind-bending. I did not know that robots are already able to repair themselves, when they feel that their performance is degrading. That’s so crazy when you think about it.
    Have a look also at this article, it might complement your article, as it has listed more facts about AI. I found it really interesting.

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