10 Innovative Ways Fintech’s Helped Credit Card Development

By Srikanth
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10 Innovative Ways Fintech's Helped Credit Card Development 1

Fintech is one of the most innovative forms of technology to date. It helps financial institutions connect with consumers and businesses that need their services without ever having to go to a brick-and-mortar location. For many, that has become impossible for them to do because of their health, finances, or even their locations.


Let’s take a quick look at 10 innovative ways Fintech has helped credit card development so you can better grasp how important it truly is for the new generation of consumers.

  1. Transferring Rewards – Switching credit card companies used to be rough, but today it is a simple process that can be completed online. You may need to make a quick call to verify information, but the point is that you can switch credit card companies, and the rewards that those cards have will follow.
  2. Online Partnerships – You are probably familiar with the credit cards printed with another company’s logo on them. A company that will give you reward points towards purchases in their store every time you use the card. These virtual partnerships benefit everyone involved and are as simple as setting up a platform for the company and the credit card to use.
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Online platforms have been using AI systems for numerous years, but not like today. Online business transactions have shifted from an option to the chosen way to get things done. Online credit card contracts and transactions would not be possible without AI and its chatbots.
  4. Crypto Credit Cards – Cryptocurrency has definitely made an impact on the lives of people. Businesses continually get set up to accept crypto as a form of payment, so having a crypto credit card will be easy to use and make payments on.
  5. Online Only Credit Cards – Online banking has become one of the easiest ways to keep financial payments and income in one place. Soon you will see that companies like iSelect credit card compare platforms will take over the world and Australia’s popular credit card comparison site CreditCardCompare.com.au. It costs so much money to keep a brick-and-mortar location, but it is an expense that companies can now go around by offering credit cards solely online
  6. Apple Card – Apple products have been pushed out onto the market, along with every other company that wants to stay competitive. They now offer a credit card through its online platforms that give you a card designed to support you as you support them.
  7. Digital Wallets – One big problem in the past was carrying all the cards, ID, and cash with you. Now, you can upload your information into a digital wallet and use it to pay for everything, choosing which card you want to use and when you want it to be charged.
  8. Virtual Credit Cards – The online platforms have given consumers a way to get a virtual credit card, usually linked to one specific company. It can be a prepaid card, have a set limit, or just be limited to the one company that it is linked to.
  9. Bonuses For Online Applications – Credit card companies have started offering people bonuses for online applications because so many companies give out credit cards. Online platforms make everything easy for you and the credit card provider.
  10. Comparison Sites – One of the most significant advancements that Fintech has had in the credit card industry is comparison sites. As a person looking for a credit card, you can go online and type in some basic information to get multiple offers for credit cards. It is so easy that it can be done from a mobile phone while at work.

Fintech has changed the entire face of the financial industry, making it easy for consumers to get credit cards. It has also made it simple for credit card companies to connect with people they would not usually have access to. The bottom line is that Fintech is the way of the future. It will continue to improve and become the go-to way of conducting all business, especially when it deals with money.

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