10 Key Highlights of the WWDC 2018

The WWDC which held at San Jose’s McEnery Convention Center has spme scrounging insights as Apple launches the new iOS 12 update. Let’s look at those top ten highlights of the keynote:-
1.Mac OS Dark Mode

The dark mode in a Mac OS Mojave is small but it changes everything in the UI and it will be available on and iMac Pro for dark rooms or dog in Whymant the screens brightness won’t increase in an overpowering manner as it will automatically adjust it’s lighting.

2.Mac OS Dynamic Desktop

D macOS dynamic desktop on Mojave of which is a little bit of that like Mufasa but the macOS more job has probably got the biggest update out of the punch this year. iOS 12 was a little underwhelming as there were tons of new features to macOS more job buddy dynamic desktop where it will actually change your wallpaper from day to night depending on the time of the day.

3.Watch i0S Yoga Tracking

You can track Yoga on your Apple Watch. This time in WWDC 2018 Tim Cook has actually focused on the track of health.

4.Mac OS Desktop Stacks

Desktops tax will make it a lot simpler to just have all the files available to you without having to do any organisation manually which will make the deck stop look clean. It will organise all those random screen documents to put on your desktop.

5.iOS 12 Group Notifications

You will be able to triage every notification right from the lock screen. It will have emojis with tongue detection which will enhance the virtual interaction on iMessage.

6.iOS 12 Group FaceTime

You can group FaceTime with 32 people at once. Details of the person speaking will enlarge automatically that way you can never lose track of the conversation. The group FaceTime can be used from any trade in iMessage or by joining any active group at a time.

7.iOS 12 Do not Disturb Mode

The do not disturb mode will let you enable and forget about it for the time period given by you as it will set of automatically while you’re at a location as the time period ends or you leave that place.

8.Watch OS – WA

You can take a phone call on your watch which is more practical for a quick one-on-one communication as you don’t have to dial and you can instantly as anything through voice detection also known as the walkie-talkie feature.

9.iOS Simultaneous AR

Two different devices from totally different angles can interact with the same environment in AI and share the experience with each other.

10.tvOS Dolby Atmos

Further updates with introduction of airplay now where we can hook up to air funds Apple TV which is still a little bit clunky but works amazingly on iOS 12.


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