10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App 1

If you’re reading this, then chances are your company still has no mobile app, and you’re trying to evaluate all of the pros and cons of mobile app development before proceeding to the money spending part. Is it too expensive? Will it be a profitable investment? Check https://light-it.net/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-create-app/ to find out!

In the end, it’s all worth it! Here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t disregard mobile app development. 

  •  An app = market presence 

As a Stat counter report shows, in 2020 tablet and mobile traffic combined has already surpassed the desktop sessions. Currently, its 53, 49% vs 46, 51% sessions. No mobile presence for your business cuts the market presence in half. 

You may object by saying: “My website is mobile-friendly. I don’t lose any customers”. But here is the twist: as marketer report claims, about 90% of the mobile time people spend using apps. 

  • A more personalized experience, which leads to higher engagement

With the app, any business owner has a number of tools that create a unique personalized experience for each user. It includes (but isn’t limited to) the following: 

  •  Addressing the customer by the name 
  •  Provide unique offers (e.g., birthday discount) 
  •  Create tailored surveys and polls 
  •  Send only certain types of notifications the user will be interested in 

We all want to feel special, and getting that “It’s all about me” experience boosts the chances the product or service will be sold.  

  • The motivation for certain actions 

An app offers various ways to head the user toward the desired action. E.g., you’d like to increase the number of repeat purchases. A bonus program with the elements of gamification can help you with that. 

Just offer the customers an enjoyable way to collect bonus points for each order or participation in surveys that unlock some rewards.  The most well-known brands use it, and so should you.  

It works for the referral program the same way: a user is more likely to recommend the product or service if you stimulate these actions within the app. 

  • A way to earn the trust of the younger audience 

Modern technology truly creates a borderline between generations. And while the older audience may prefer the “old school” methods of communication: brick and mortar, phone calls, and desktop Internet browsing, the younger customers use the phone and mobile apps for everything. 

And don’t be misled! It’s not only about teens who can’t purchase big-ticket items anyways. It’s also about young adults who were born after the Internet became generally accessible. A well-thought-out mobile app is a perfect way to show that you know your audience’s needs and preferences. 

  • Direct communication with the customer 

A well-thought-out app is a perfect communication tool for your company. Collect the feedback straight from the source without any delays or filters. If you’re doing everything right, you’ll know about it. If something goes wrong and the customers are not happy, they’ll let you hear all about it right away. 

  • The boost in brand awareness and brand loyalty 

Nowadays, people spend a significant amount of time using their phones. If a customer has installed your app, (s) he will be constantly reminded about your brand even when not using the app itself. It will happen just by looking at the icon on the screen. That connection of “specific need = your product” will get stronger day by day. 

  • An effective marketing channel 

There’s no such thing as “enough marketing channels”. If you have an opportunity to deliver your product or service to the potential customer, don’t neglect it. Otherwise, you risk being outsmarted by the competitors and left behind. 

Sending push notifications, delivering time-sensitive offers, creating personalized discounts, the app can and will do all that. 

  • A way to grow the audience 

Just like people are googling things like “Is pineapple on pizza legal?” they use Internet search to find an app that will resolve their problem. And if millions of users worldwide wonder: “What’s the best fitness/delivery/fashion app?” why not to use it as an opportunity for business growth? 

The chances are, there are many people out there who would install and get the most out of your app today. But you can’t get that piece of the audience if you don’t have an app. 

  • A key to the future

Technology is not going anywhere. Our phones will get smarter and smarter every year, the time we spend using mobile devices will increase, and the number of businesses offering mobile apps will grow. And even if now your competitors don’t bother to create a mobile app, it doesn’t mean you should follow in their footsteps. The app will let you be one step ahead. And that’s what success is about. 

  1. Profit! 

Every entrepreneur puts so much money and effort into building things like customer loyalty and market visibility because they lead to the profit increase. And that’s what an app can help you with. 

Of course, a mobile app is not a “magic pill” that can solve all your business problems, but it’s a modern, helpful tool with a number of significant benefits you should not ignore.  Whether you prefer to get your business a mobile app or not, keep in mind that no one knows your business and your customers like you, and the decision is yours to make. 

Written by Sony T

Sony is a passionate bloggers writes on Futuristic technologies ...

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