10 Technological Developments in Mobile Displays

10 Technological Developments in Mobile Displays 1

In a decade, there has been a lot of changes in the mobile industry. After the launch of smartphones like TCL 10L, the rapid evolution has come up with several technological developments that have made up this list of 10 Technological Developments in Mobile Displays. Keeping apart other advancements of mobile parts here, we are talking about technologies that have made mobile Displays much better with time.

LCD screen

The first mobile screen that we used to get was the LCD screen. This technology was a perfect fit for the budget smartphone. Even before the launch of LED and OLED displays, LCDs took in the market well. Still, now LCDs are used in huge numbers, and that is because of its fluidity and cost-effective production.


A modified version of the LCD is this TFT LCD. This is also one of the old displays used in smartphones at the time of its new launch. You can consider display technology because of the thin film transistor technology. But soon this technology disappeared from the market because if it’s poor visibility in daylight or high-resolution light.


A better version of TFT LED is IPS LED. It is a little costlier, but the effect was improved. Even the battery life got better with this LED display. The picture quality was brilliant, and the viewing angles were also impressive. In that time frame, it took the market well.

OLED display

You can consider this as the upgrade to LCDs. The remarkable factor of OLED displays is the capacity to exhibit colors through the screen. You can get a better picture with some add-in colours. The cameras and the display enhance that colour prominence. Another fantastic factor of OLED displays are the low cost production and printability. Work efficiency is at a superior level, and this comes with long life, better resolution. OLED displays also consume lesser power, which makes the battery life of the phone better.

MiniLED backlight

Seeing the efficiency of LED screens, the concept of mini LEDs has been developed, which helps the display provide high contrast and better HDR performance. It makes the video streaming experience much better. Even for video games, it offers a fantastic effect. The major pinch of this display is the higher cost. It is as costly as it’s effectiveness.

Quantum dot technology

This a very new technology adopted by the mobile industry. You can use this technology in TVs, but now some of the Chinese mobile manufacturing companies have come up with 8k displays in their mobiles, which makes the colour effects and conversion more useful and attractive at the same time. But this technology is new and not adopted by many of the mobile manufacturing compiled. Initially, the cost was too high, but now the manufacturing cost has been cut off quite a bit.


This technology has not been introduced yet, but the developers have giver bloopers about this display, which can be found in smartphones like TCL 10L soon. It is more supportive of the technology behind AR/VR. Nowadays, people are willing to get everything on their phones, and that is why this display technology could become a hit in the market. It will support more devices and will make things easy. The quality of pictures or videos would be more enhanced, and you can expect to get a good response from the wearable market.

Foldable display

A very new technology that is being adopted by many mobile manufacturing companies is the foldable display. It has made the old concept of the foldable phone come back in a better form. A person can use a smaller screen and switch to a larger screen within a second. The manufacturing cost of such displays are no doubt more, but the quality and sheer texture make it more attractive. It has brought a revolutionary change in the mobile industry. The first mobile that took a step to bring in a foldable touchscreen smartphone was Samsung, and now you can expect other companies to adopt this technology.

Flexible display

another unique movie display technology that has not got much limelight because of the adverse side. Many of the brands came up with phones that have a stretchable display. This technology has hit the market from 2016. The products got good exposure, but soon people forgot about it. Many of the displays couldn’t get back in shape after stretching. From 2019 companies have developed a better technology with this concept and getting ready to launch better flexible displays soon.

Retina display

This is a superior quality display having a higher resolution of 640×960 pixels. The minute shape of the pixels makes it non-recognizable by the human eye. At the initial phase of the evolution of the smartphone display, this was a blockbuster hit.

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  1. This post is proof of the drastic evolution of smartphone displays. The latest smartphone displays offer a better picture quality. I recently purchased a smartphone with an OLED display. The resolution and color prominence of the screen is fantastic. The foldable screen is, of course, a revolutionary development in the mobile industry.

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