10 Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring

By Anastasia Stefanuk
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10 Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring 1

When it comes to software development, businesses often want to increase their output and enhance their technical expertise without excessive effort or cost. For this, it is often advised to invest in offshoring. Offshoring is the process of outsourcing software developers to an external agency or firm positioned outside of the customer’s country.


There are three types of offshore models. These include:

● Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a model where a business hires an offshore agency or firm to handle an entire software development project. This includes the planning, developing, and testing phases. With this model, the agency or firm takes care of the team management.

●Dedicated Team

A dedicated team model involves two or more developers that are hired to carry out tasks of a development project. With this model, a software outsourcing agency or firm manages the developers that form part of the dedicated team.

● Out staffing

Outstaffing is an offshore model that involves a business hiring a skilled expert from an outsourcing firm to carry out development tasks. Outstaffed employees usually become remote workers for the customer’s business for the duration of a project. Typically, outstaffing is the best solution for businesses that want to find experts in a certain field or save capital on hiring new employees.

A Complete Overview of Outstaffing

The basic concept of outstaffing is that a business hires a dedicated team of professionals from an outstaffing company based on its unique requirements. The team is focused solely on the business’ project and operates remotely or from the outstaffing company’s office. All resources, including hardware and software, are taken care of by the outstaffing company. Most of the communication between the business and the outstaffing team is also direct.

Let’s consider a definition of outstaffing:

10 Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring 2

Source: Mobilunity

Outstaffing companies provide the employees with the required comfort and productive environment to exceed in their tasks. Outstaffing allows businesses to stay more focused on the core of the project and other essential business tasks.

As with any hiring model, there are some pros and cons involved. Businesses should carefully consider these points to ensure they understand exactly how the model works and if it is beneficial for their specific needs and goals. Let’s explore the pros and cons involved in outstaffing:

Pros of out staffing

  • It offers the opportunity to hire professionals without having to pay high rates.
  • It provides flexibility, conveniently scaling the dedicated employees hired.
  • It allows for full control over the development process.
  • It allows for complete access to the team members.
  • It offers the lowest rates compared to other hiring models.

Cons of out staffing

  • The communication process can at times be challenging because the team does not work in-house.
  • Face-to-face meetings are most often not possible because of the traveling involved.
  • Time management may be problematic as a result of different time zones.

When a business signs an outstaffing contract, the outstaffing company takes care of all the legal and set up processes. Businesses will also get help with the following procedures:

  • Recruiting.
  • On-boarding.
  • On-going support.

10 Things Making Outstaffed Developers Worth Hiring

Even though outstaffing has boomed in recent years, many businesses still don’t realize the incredible value this hiring model can bring. Here are ten reasons why outstaffing developers are worth it:

  • A large pool of talent available

Businesses that choose to outstaff developers often have access to a larger pool of talent. This makes it easier to choose experts that fit their specific project needs.

  • Broad expertise

By outstaffing, a business gains access to skilled developers who have been vetted by the outstaffing company.

  • Fast hiring

When businesses try to employ developers on their own, the process can take months. In contrast, an outstaffed position can take anywhere from a couple of days to just a few weeks.

  • More experience on different projects

Outstaffing providers offer access to professionals that have worked on multiple projects. As a result, outstaffed developers come with a well-defined process and workflows that keep everyone productive.

  • Lower rates

When outstaffing developers managed by an external company, a business has to access to outstanding talent without the costs that are part of employing experts full-time.

  • More innovation and creativity

Outstaffed developers have the experience of working with multiple clients on a variety of projects. This often allows them to come up with innovative ideas that can make a development project stand out among the rest.

  • Admin tasks are handled by the outstaffing company

When businesses outstaff developers, they can be sure that the admin tasks related to hiring and staff management are done by the outstaffing company, saving time, effort, and money.

  • Unlimited control

Businesses get full control over the development team meetings and the development process and can guide tasks as per their specific demands or requirements of a project.

  • Easy scalability

Projects can be unpredictable, and often deadlines have to be moved and tasks increased. With outstaffed workers, businesses can easily grow teams to accommodate the expanding needs of a project.

  • More convenience

Unlike with an in-house team, businesses can conveniently end contracts with outstaffed developers once a project is done.

The Price of Hiring Outstaffed Developers in Ukraine and India

One of the most important parts of hiring new developers is the cost involved. With outstaffing, the cost may be much lower compared to hiring an in-house team or even outsourcing a company to work on a development project, however, the costs vary largely from country to country, and the experience developers have.

Let’s consider the average hourly Indian website developers cost compared to the hourly Ukrainian developers’ cost:

  • India

The average hourly rate for out staffing an Indian developer ranges from $18 for a junior developer to $40 for a senior developer per hour. This translates to a cost of around $2880 to $8640 per project. Indian developers typically have very low rates compared to their Western counterparts.

  • Ukraine

The average hourly rate for outstaffing a developer in Ukraine ranges between $13 per hour for a junior developer to $40 per hour for a more senior developer. For a complete project, the cost translates to around $2080 to $8640. Ukrainian developers are known to be affordable without compromising on quality.

Before deciding which country to outstaff from, it is also important to consider the quality of developers available in a specific area. For example, the Ukrainian developers may have more experience compared to Indian software developers. And while cheap Indian web developers may be more attractive for businesses with limited budgets, these developers may not be as proficient in English which can lead to miscommunication and slow work processes.

Hire Outstaffed Developers for Better Success With Projects

In the modern business world, the demand for software development is increasing at an unbelievable speed. More and more businesses working in different areas require high-quality software to meet customer needs and stand out among competitors.

However, not all businesses have the funds, resources, or time to hire an in-house development team. As a result, offshore hiring models, specifically outstaffing, have become very popular. Businesses that want to hire professionals at affordable rates, enjoy more flexibility and scalability, and have more control over the development process should consider outstaffing. It holds many benefits for businesses to deliver outstanding software development products.

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