10 Tips for Technical Conference Presentations

10 Tips for Technical Conference Presentations 1

A conference presentation is a short presentation that as a name suggests is held in a meeting or a conference in a business setup. Employees that work on various projects and deals need to often make presentations in these projects for their seniors and colleagues. Presentations are an important aspect of the business but many people find it very difficult to make presentations. If you are thinking to start video conferencing then check these best wide angle Conferencing Cameras and Kits.

Employees tend to get nervous during the presentation and if they are not taught exactly how a good presentation is made, then the purpose and the message of a presentation are lost.

The following are important tips for successful conference presentations:


A key aspect of conference presentations is timings. A very short presentation will leave half of the points out and will not convey the exact message. A very long and boring presentation will not work either as businesses are moving fast or people do not have hours to sit in a meeting listening to a meandering presentation. A presentation is generally around ten minutes or a little longer depending on the type of presentation.

Understanding the Audience

The type of presentation also depends on the audience listening to the presentation. This means that the audience should understand the presentation and have the knowledge of the fundamental basics of the subject of the presentation.

10 Tips for Technical Conference Presentations 2

Presentation Style & Format

A good presentation is balanced. It has text, imagery, charts, and examples to help make a point. Presentation with only imagery or a presentation with only text cannot convey a successful presentation. For a good presentation, limiting the text and imagery per slide is important. Cramming too much information on one slide makes a very poor presentation. Limited formation per slide and conveying the message of a presentation in a concise way is important.

Question Answer Time

A presenter must finish the presentation in time so that there is enough time for follow up questions and answering these questions. Also, the presenter must be aware of the type of questions that may be asked and also be prepared to answer the questions effectively.


A presentation is a form of communication. To make the presentation interesting and relaxed, telling a joke or two makes sense but it is a good idea not to overdo the jokes. Also, telling stories or incidence in relation to the presentation makes the entire meeting more human. If it is a presentation with a lot of numbers and charts, humanizing the presentation is an interesting option.


While preparing a presentation, it is important first to create an outline and understand the core message of a presentation. Creating an outline will give a framework for the presentation. This will help keep the limit on the presentation and also make the presentation focused on the primary objective of the presentation.

Save the Presentation

After making the presentation, it is important to save the presentation online on work email and also offline on a pen drive or a hard drive. It will be really bad for an employee who has created a fantastic presentation but because of technical issues is unable to actually present the presentation at the right time.

Know the Subject

A presentation is prepared in concise slides with minimal information. Usually, the presenters should have vast background knowledge of the subject of the presentation. This will help the presenter be more confident and be able to answer various types of questions regarding the presentation.


Most people get very nervous before a presentation. They have worked hard on the presentation but are always worried whether they would be able to actually deliver it, especially in front of their bosses or people with knowledge of the subject. People need to be more confident about their own ability or at least act like they are confident in order to achieve success in a presentation. Rehearsals before presentations help people give better presentations more confidently.

Introduction & Conclusion

Create an introduction slide that gives a brief knowledge of the presentation. At the end of the presentation, summarize the message that needs to be conveyed in the presentation to emphasize the point in the conclusion. Introduction and conclusion give a framework.

Presentations go with the territory when it comes to working in any type of organisation in the 21st century. Employees giving presentations at work, people presenting at seminars or a presentation at a launch of a product, these are part of the work culture and nobody can avoid them.


Being confident, having a good grasp on language and having a detailed knowledge regarding the presentation will help the presenter achieve success. The above mentioned are just some of the tips for a successful presentation. There are many innovative ideas that can be included in a presentation to make the presentation a success. Presentations are a great way for people in the work environment to showcase their talents in the business.


Written by Himanshu Gupta

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