10 ways Knowledge base can improve customer experience

10 ways Knowledge base can improve customer experience 1

Have you been thinking about how a knowledge base can improve the customer experience? Let me tell you a knowledge base is one of the indelible ways to create a good customer experience. As it helps to make the jobs easier, the knowledge base creates a business environment to work in.

What is a knowledge base?

The knowledge base is a centralized repository system, where all the documents, media, and information are stored and also known as the Document management system. The knowledge base is beneficial internally and externally. Internally the knowledge base is beneficial for the employees to collaborate with other employees and to organize the internal information such as onboarding processes and document management systems and more.

Customer satisfaction has a huge impact on one’s business as it has a direct impact on the retention of the exciting client as well as the client that are new.  Now the question is how to improve the customer experience on the basis of the Knowledge base. Here are 10 ways Knowledge base software can improve customer experience.

  1. Understand your customers: avoid using the generic approach to your customers. You should be tailoring your customer experience. for being more effective the more you need to break down your list according to your customer.
  2. Be consistent in your work: while sending your work to your customer, A high level of customer experience should be followed right through to the delivery of the product and all aftercare.
  3. Expectations should be exceeded: staying consistent with your work is one of the best ways to improve your customers’ knowledge base but ensure to work hard and submit the work to your customers with a proper Document management system that will help you to create a positive customer experience.
  4. Customer feedback: in order to improve your offering of the product and services to your customers, a feedback mechanism is really essential to come across all the touchpoints of your services. Feedback related to the document management system and the knowledge base is essential for monitoring and implementing the changes to address key issues when they arise. 
  5. Innovation and add values to be added:  adding value to the customers’ products, try thinking beyond and delve more beyond your products.
  6. Investing time in your team: delving more of the secret of success of many businesses? I have the answer to it: many leading businesses will tell you that the equation for success is very simple: happy employees are directly proportional to happy customers. In order to raise happy customers, a business leader must invest in his team’s happiness and training, which gives rise to happy customers. 
  7. Knowledge must be centralized: unifying benefits to all your customer’s service information in one knowledge base, which is shareable to cross not just the contact center but also all other customer contact channels, are huge. Putting the same knowledge available to customers across web, mobile, social and email channels means they can find consistent answers to their questions instantly, reducing the need for them to escalate to further contact. Extending the knowledge to further contact center may help you to increase in the customer satisfaction levels and also the response times get increases
  8. Advancement in technology: in today’s world, technology has been growing into multiple folds and in various segments. The customers have constant access to the internet and the wishlist and the expectations for 24/7, instant customer service grows, attention spans and tolerance levels for inconsistent customer experience, continue to decline. In order to provide the best service for your product, start investing in the right tools for your business and team. There is some Intelligent software, such as  Lead Forensics, that can help you in so many ways. with the help of the right tools, you can automate systems so the right communications go out to the right person at the right time and nothing is ever missed.
  9. Make sure clients don’t repeat themselves: keeping a record of your customer’s past data,  customer’s interactions, their channel history to prevent them from having to repeat their query or issue over and over again. This avoids frustration from the customer’s perspective and improves the contact center agent’s efficiency and response times.
  10. Be proactive and smart in answering: Time is an imperative factor in customer satisfaction. There’s a reason the famous saying, ‘Time is money”  is still around and more accurate than ever. Some situations don’t require a quick answer, it requires a complete digging into the situation.  So let your customers be aware that you have received their request and are looking into possible solutions. Customer service should be beneficial and educational not be responsive. 


A business should focus on developing a strong positive customer experience, in order to do that to differentiate itself from other competitors and other brands.

Written by Sony T

Sony is a passionate bloggers writes on Futuristic technologies ...

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