11 ways to improve your gaming experience

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11 ways to improve your gaming experience 1

Does your gaming setup need a revamp? Maybe your chair is giving you a bad back or your mouse is lagging. Whatever the problem, this article has got you covered. Here are 11 ways to improve your gaming experience.


A comfortable chair

Getting the right chair is a must when it comes to gaming. You’ll be sitting in the chair for hours on end, so you need something that’s good at keeping your back and bottom supported. To keep your body healthy, go with an ergonomic, high-backed chair. Visit the website to find the best gaming chair.

Snacks and drinks

Having energy drinks or snacks on hand is great for staying focused through long gaming sessions. When you’re thirsty, grab a drink, and when your hands start to cramp up, munch down on some chips.

A good desk

You don’t want your keyboard constantly sliding around when you type, so make sure the desk you’re using is sturdy. A simple way to keep your desk from moving around too much is to put three or four books under one corner of it.

A soundproof room

Noises are distracting, which can be a problem if you live with loved ones who constantly chat or watch TV. To cancel out distractions, make your gaming area soundproof by hanging thick curtains up on the walls. If you can’t hang any, building a soundproof room in the basement is another option.

One or two monitors

If you don’t have enough screens to run multiple games at once, switch over to one big screen. Or better yet, get two, so you can have all your vital information displayed at once.

The right mouse

Having the right equipment is important whether you’re playing a game or doing work. For example, if your hand cramps up while typing, use a different keyboard for gaming that’s better suited to long periods of use. When it comes to mice, ergonomic models and easy-to-reach buttons are the best to use for gaming.

Play with friends

Call your friends and loved ones to join in on a gaming session. Not only will you have more fun playing with people who share the same interests as you, but it’ll also give you a chance to catch up.

Good sound quality

Don’t blast the volume when you play, or else your ears will suffer. Try wearing headphones that have good sound quality instead of using a stock headset.

A comfortable mouse pad

Having a smooth surface to work with can make all the difference when you’re playing games. If your current mouse pad isn’t working out for you, switch it out with another that’s highly absorbent and has a soft surface.

Short breaks between sessions

Having quick mini-breaks every hour is great for keeping your body healthy. Never play for more than an hour in a stretch, and if you want to take a longer break or stop playing for the day, set a time when you’ll hop back on.

A focused mind

If you’re going to be playing a multiplayer game, don’t play only with friends. Playing solo will help you practice and master the mechanics of a game that’ll come in handy when others join in on the fun. If you constantly lose a match, take a break for a few minutes before coming back into it.

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