2000 fake apps detected on google play store

By Srikanth
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2000 fake apps detected on google play store 1

Fake apps are very general and common in the modern era. A few try to impersonate popular apps yet has a good number of downloaders. Google play store, having more than a million apps form all kinds of the genre has a surprisingly good number of fake apps that are popularly downloaded by the users.


A few of them are really popular and have a surprisingly more than a million downloads. More than 10,000 apps have been scanned and a few apps were identified and recognized as “high risk” apps. The two-year long study by some students at the University of Sydney reveals that there’s a massive number of impersonated popular gaming apps available on the Play store.

The study also noted and that the games: Temple Run, Free Flow and, Hill Climb Racing were among the most commonly counterfeited. After analyzing a humongous selection of Play Store apps, the study discovered that some apps even seek dangerous permissions from the users.

Most of the apps ask for permissions for the access to media, calls, messages which is highly dangerous for accepting the access to the concerned required information yet, is compulsory for granting the access to download the app and use it.

The famous apps that have been mentioned in the list above are top-rated on google play store and that is mostly applied by the users. Yet, without realizing users download the apps for their use.

Google play store asked the users to be more careful while downloading the apps and to check the safety measures before using the app downloaded as the apps monitor the user’s phone and steal information like banking, passwords which can relieve confidential information required to access social accounts or other confidential information. It is always important to check the permissions for access before installing any app.

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