21 Startups and 38 FPOs Converge at VAMNICOM’s Immersion Programme

VAMNICOM, a-IDEA from ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad, and NABARD collaborated to connect startups with Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in agriculture.

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21 Startups and 38 FPOs Converge at VAMNICOM's Immersion Programme

In a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, VAMNICOM, alongside a-IDEA from ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad, and NABARD, orchestrated a collaborative event aiming to bridge the gap between startups and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs).

Taking place on March 2, 2024, this unprecedented gathering saw the convergence of 21 startups nurtured by a-IDEA NAARM, Hyderabad, and VAMNICOM Incubation Centre, alongside 38 FPOs and Collective members from Maharashtra, under the auspices of NABARD.

The primary aim of the program is to bring together startups and FPOs to discuss new technologies, products as well as services. During the event, startups showcased their creative business ideas.


Graced by esteemed dignitaries including the GM of NABARD, Pune, Dr. Pradip Parate, MD of MAHAFPC, Pune, Mr. Yogesh Thorat, Director of ATARI, Pune, Dr. S.K. Roy, Joint Director of ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad, Dr. G. Venkateshwarlu, CEO of a-IDEA, Dr. S. Senthil Vinayagam, and other notable guests, the event commenced with a warm welcome address by Dr. S. Senthil Vinayagam.

Dr. Pradip Parate, who is the GM of NABARD, emphasized how important it is for FPOs and startups to work together. He mentioned that linking what is made to the market is crucial for both groups to expand their businesses and ensure they continue earning money in the future.

Many startups, FPOs and groups joined the program with lots of energy, showing off many different creative ideas and ways of doing business. Dr. Prashant Kadam, who teaches at VAMNICOM, thanked everyone for taking part and stressed how important these kinds of events are for making businesses more varied and helping people earn money.

In brief, the event sparked collaboration and new ideas for improving farming practices.

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