25 Innovative IoT Companies and Products You Need to Know

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Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand and evolve in the modern world with the development of technology which is evident by the increasing number of products, companies and applications which illustrate the benefits of connecting our homes, devices, appliances and vehicles together. There are several IoT companies on the rise that may not be as well known but definitely worth keeping an eye on:

  1. SkyBell

A doorbell which enables you to speak, hear and even see visitors, when you are home or even away. SkyBell is a smart doorbell which sends live feed on to your smartphone with its free mobile application.

  1. Deako

A leading company providing smart light switches. The Bluetooth-enabled switches enable users to every light in the home with just a switch, their voice or a smartphone.

  1. June

This company provides us with a smart convection oven which can identify what is being cooked through a camera and also can offer suggestions on ways to make the food.

  1. Particle

A platform to connect IoT devices and connect securely to the Web and in the process create a vast network in order to experience benefits of the technology.

  1. MyMDBand

This IoT wearable device is an emergency bracelet for medical purposes. It can alert emergency contacts updating them about the wearer’s medical condition, situation and location.

  1. Roost

This company provides a smoke alarm which has a battery that helps you to prevent some annoying issues like changing the battery of the smoke alarm, freeze alerts and water leaks.

  1. Jasper

An IoT SaaS platform which is cloud based is offered by this company for businesses in order to manage their IoT services and products in a cost effective and rapid manner.

  1. Samsara

IoT data platform which offers assistance with asset utilization, vehicle tracking and energy monitoring.

  1. Hologram

An IoT company with a cellular connectivity platform which makes device connectivity possible. The benefits of capturing and assessing device data gathered from all the linked IoT devices help in improving management of drivers and assets for those who have fleets.

  1. Awair

Awair Glow, an air monitoring gadget comes with its own smart plug. The device can track chemicals and toxins by monitoring the air and also recommends on ways to improve the quality of air.

  1. TP-Link

This company offers a Smart Wi-Fi LED bulb which changes color which helps reduce consumption of energy by controlling the lighting in your home.

  1. Talkies

Toy company which offers kids the way the power to chat with family and friends without using a phone. Talkie toys are used to send messages making it safe and fun for kids.

  1. Ray

Smartphone platform which works with remotes which can control all the entertainment devices with just one device.

  1. Cujo

Company offering a smart firewall which protects your home, secures all devices from hackers or other threats. Can be used by parents to control and monitor what kids can access online.

  1. Arrayent

Connects products and business processes as well as departments  helping brands get closer to their consumers.

  1. Sonos

Home speaker which can connect to all type of gadgets. Streams music via Wi-Fi instead of bluetooth.

  1. Invoxia Triby

Portable speaker which can be used to leave doodles and digital messages, set alarms and paired with phone to control devices, make calls and play music.

  1. Buddy

Monitoring solution used to keep track of IoT data. Used by businesses to gather insights from collecting data after all devices are connected together.


  1. Eight

Eight smart cover helps you receive sleep reports every morning, makes your bed cozy and connect to any wi-fi device at your home.

  1. Flex

Company which builds smart products for IoT environment. Helps businesses to enjoy advantages of smart products.

  1. Singlecue

Device which helps to control the home through usage of gestures instead of voice assistance. Commands can be sent with just a wave of the hand.

  1. Lantronix

Helps companies to adopt IoT in their processes. Results being faster connectivity and realizing the benefits of IoT for several sectors.

  1. Kinsa

IoT thermometer which not only reports temperature but offers guidance on treating the temperature, reminding about taking medicine and maintains family health.

  1. Click and Grow

Application which helps to create and manage an indoor garden which is self watering and sustaining.

  1. Losant

Platform which helps companies build their very own IoT systems to improve their business.


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