25 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer Your Clients

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The fundamental aim of all the businesses in the world is Generating higher profits by finding different innovative and cost-effective techniques. The result of these findings is outsourcing. Outsourcing jobs can help you to concentrate on business development and personal life. Along with outsourcing, virtual assistant services can also help you to improve customer relations with your enterprise. Outsourcing your administration works, secretarial tasks and other non-strategic jobs to a person sitting offshore is the major concept of virtual assistant services.

Customers expect the appropriate response to their queries when they visit a support website or contact the helpdesk.  Every customer desires that the enterprise should dispense exceptional and premium quality service and a great experience with support via the web, phone, or email. The enterprise should try to improve product knowledge, minimal call waiting for queues and linguistic misunderstandings, etc.

The easiest way for Enterprises to significantly increase their brand value and sales by providing customers with rapid and accurate responses through effective customer engagement services. It can help them do wonders in improving and upgrading their services, increasing customer satisfaction, and retention. Enterprises can adopt virtual assistant solutions from virtual assistant services companies that aid in improving various customer service functions including enrollment form filling, first, a notice of loss, claim, front desk, meeting reminders, and other personalized services.

Virtual Assistant clears up many troubles by keeping records in a well-organized way which is very convenient in providing more information about the offers and some promotions. To exemplify this, if someone has to travel to another place, it can provide all necessary details ranging from flights to hotels and weather conditions, luggage management, or other destination-specific details that may prove useful.

25 Virtual Assistant Services You Can Offer Your Clients

1. Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media virtual assistant has all skills like managing social media channels and performing various other tasks such as social media profile creation, commenting, and engaging with the audience on the other relevant profiles.

2. Microsoft Excel Assistant

Microsoft Excel virtual assistants are well-versed in maintaining an organized spreadsheet by simplifying and automating data activities. Gather information from different data sources for dataset combining and proper data cleansing and transformation process without any flaws.

3. Administrative Work Assistant

A virtual assistant for Administrative Work is exclusive in offering all kinds of administrative services to different clients from different remote locations. Scheduling appointments, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, and managing email accounts are the tasks a virtual assistant can perform.

4. Research Assistant

Virtual Research assistants are very good at doing a wide variety of things, including research on all kinds of information online. Whether your clients need a market analysis done on their competitors or an audit of their targeted customer base, having the ability to complete many different kinds of research projects will help make you market yourself as a virtual assistant.

5. Data Entry Assistant

The Data Entry virtual assistant can manage all information by creating a database of your clients/stakeholders and performing all types of data entry tasks – either online and offline. Hiring a  virtual assistant services company for data entry helps to check all data for accuracy, delete any unnecessary or extraneous files, and keep records of all activities and tasks.

6. SEO Services Virtual Assistant

SEO Services Virtual Assistant can help you implement your SEO tactics, or in cases of SEO expert VAs, design an SEO strategy that is tailored to your business. Many small businesses to compete or even outrank reputed companies on search results.

7. E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

Hiring an Ecommerce Virtual Assistant helps a lot with inventory management and other daily virtual assistant routine tasks like updating your online store products on selling platforms such as Shopify or Big commerce and updating the pricing information.

8. PPC Expert

It helps in driving quality traffic to your website by implementing various strategic PPC advertising campaigns and generating leads. Hiring PPC Virtual assistant experts from any virtual company and save up to 70% of your costs.

9. A Virtual Research Assistant

One can perform diverse research works according to clients’ guidelines by hiring a virtual research assistant. Such assistants provide pertinent data that one may need in performing tasks like strategic planning and execution process.

10. Content Writer And Virtual Translator

A content writer virtual assistant is a remote worker who specializes in content writing, content marketing, copywriter, and content creation in general. According to the type of content you need, you can find companies  for content writing to get the work done on time.

11. Affiliate Management

Affiliate management virtual assistant acts as the project manager between client, website developer, designer, writer, and other third parties. It also helps in assisting clients with the application, sign-in process, and adds our basic links to other websites and links as well as access to tools for managing and monitoring your referrals.

12. A Customer Service Virtual Assistant

By hiring a Customer Support Virtual Assistant from a services company, you have a chance to enhance your business and focus on other important tasks that you have to handle. It works to reply to live chat sales, support inquiries, and also helps in Resolving tickets while your customer is in the problem.

13. Book keeping

Virtual Assistants can act wonders in accounting and bookkeeping including accounts payable and receivable, trial balance, financial statements, and invoices. Business owners often find that accounting functions can be monotonous and time-consuming. Paying bills, entering payroll, balancing checkbooks, and preparing invoices all to consume valuable time that could be spent in fruitful ways in marketing your business and creating positive cash flow.

14. Graphic Design

A graphic design virtual assistant may help you represent your brand in a more professional way and in creating a variety of versions to communicate the different key aspects of your brand. It also provides all kinds of high quality work like creating posters, infographics, videos, etc.

15. Event Management 

Hiring a Event manager virtual assistant from a virtual company helps in various cases. Whether there is a business meeting, any event planning, panel discussion, or sort of conference, virtual assistants help you in all cases from professionally organizing the event to taking care of all the factors involved, starting from the conceptualization to the execution process.

16. Formatting eBooks and Courses

Almost all of the online business owners offer various courses or eBooks as other forms of revenue. But they don’t have the content all the time, they may need help with many things like choosing a perfect layout, picking typefaces, managing footnotes, endnotes, and more.

17. Reputation Management  

Reputation management virtual assistant helps to ensure that your brand gains enhanced traction online. Holding your business’ good name should be a top priority, so you will be always on top of your reviews by hiring an assistant from a virtual assistant to manage these kinds of tasks.

18. Live Chat Customer Service 

By hiring a Chat Support Virtual Assistant, you have an infinite number of chances to add another channel of communication with outsourcing clients and potential clients, whilst you can focus on other important tasks in your business. 

19. Recruiting Virtual Assistant

A recruiting virtual assistant can handle all kinds of recruitment administration including job adverts posting, CVs Screening, Shortlisting candidates according to criteria given Scheduling interview calls and appointments with shortlisted candidates, Sending welcome messages & emails, etc.

20. Travel Agent 

A virtual Travel assistant will be a perfect employee for your travel business. From booking flights, buses, trains to finding the best deals that can help you scrimp and save. The best thing is that once you hire a virtual assistant , they will assign agents for you who will work 24 hours 365 days.

21. Project Management

A virtual project manager is needed when you have a project that needs managing virtually. Specialize in overseeing projects, from starting the project to final delivery. You can simply tell them about the project and they will plan it, sometimes they put timelines in place, set deliverables, and create the worklist.

22. Public Relations

Public relations virtual assistants can help everyone in different ways — not just high-rolling business owners. This may aid in providing clients to some of the news sources, podcast cum spotify hostings, and other articles. Contrarily it may also help in writing services in the press, and some of creative writing as part of public relations virtual assistant.

23. Online marketing

An Online marketing virtual assistant can help you in relieving the time-consuming process of engaging your customer’s email list with relevant marketing content. Your online marketing virtual assistant focuses on the work of creating engagement, visibility, and proper branding for your business. You can save upto 70% by hiring an online marketing assistant

24. Resume Writing 

Resume Writing virtual assistants have various soft skills including great time management, meticulous detail-oriented approach to work, creating a flawless resume, and appropriately adjusting various details to make it eye-catching.

25. Email Management
The Email Management virtual assistant reads every email and will notify you of important and urgent emails. Decluttering the inbox and organizing the inbox are some of the tasks that are often on the to-do list and then carried over every week.

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  1. The real deal is finding the right virtual assistant. It’s common to think that technical skills should be the highest priority. But, in reality, finding an assistant with a character, values, and communication style that mesh with yours can transform how you feel about doing business. I have been working with over the past few months and i must say, they are worth recommending.

  2. Nowadays, virtual assistants are taking over the business. Finding the better one for your business would be quite challenging.
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