3 Biggest Technological Developments for the Future of iGaming

3 Biggest Technological Developments for the Future of iGaming 1

The iGaming sector is one of the fastest-growing industries, thanks to its ability to embrace technological advancements. The industry has also proven that it can adapt to unprecedented market changes like it has been the case during the Covid-19 pandemic that has adversely affected most businesses. To ensure that customers enjoy a 360° gaming ecosystem, iGaming companies are using incredible advances in their tech to reshape the industry and make the future of gaming even brighter. This trend has blown the gaming industry wide open and dramatically increased real money career opportunities for the modern player. A gaming niche that has recently scaled new heights is eSports and multiple multi-million dollar global tournaments are getting organized every year. Learn all there is to know about eSports in major gaming landscapes like Australia. So, what are the biggest development trends that have shaped this blooming industry?

Virtual Reality Concepts

3 Biggest Technological Developments for the Future of iGaming 2

It’s only if you live under a rock that you can justify not following the current hype behind virtual reality. Even though it only hit the headlines in 2015, VR is a project that was initiated decades ago and continues to improve each year. Many industries across the spectrum are working on VR-style products to create a new experience for users. The gaming operators have also adopted this trend with companies like Microgaming and its VR Roulette prototype offering immersive games that appear to be real – A desirable attribute for every player. So, does VR match reality?

Virtual reality offers an interactive, immersive, and entertaining experience to users. VR technology revolutionized gaming by allowing users to be part of the game in a way that has never been seen before. You’ll first lose yourself in the gaming environment before getting back to reality. Although not widely accessible due to its price considerations, VR has a bright future. Virtual poker and online casino, for instance, are readily available to transform gamblers’ experiences. With many gaming consoles yet to be released, experts are optimistic that customers will buy into the virtual reality world.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Customer centricity and data-driven decision making are crucial elements to succeed in the iGaming industry. Big data technology is up-and-coming due to its ability to extract, analyze, and process data from large data volumes. In iGaming, data is used to determine a player’s in-game activities, preferences, and interactions with other participants.

Apart from personalized experiences, big data succeeds in ensuring players engage in their favourite games, responsibly. What’s more, such information marks a turning point for industries such as banking, healthcare, and law, which depend on data for decision making. There is no doubt that data has a huge role to play, and now, with artificial intelligence and new machine learning techniques, data can be processed faster for informed decisions to be made on time.

Artificial intelligence allows processes to occur in real-time, which means gamers are assured of positive experiences. The iGaming sector stands to gain from AI’s ability to make suggestions on customizing games and which ones to play since this trend will lead to more creative innovations. Interestingly, AI has a security feature that helps regulate the industry. It can detect unusual behaviour to protect the software from hackers. Moreover, it complies with the latest standards and regulations.

Mobile Gaming

3 Biggest Technological Developments for the Future of iGaming 3

The emergence of smartphones meant that players were no longer restricted to their gamepads or keyboards. Its advent changed the gaming experience we used to know since your computer no longer limits you. As evidenced by many people huddled over games on their devices as they commute to and from work or school, gaming has, indeed, shifted from the living room or arcade into the palm of your hand. There is no denying that mobile gaming is spreading fast, with even hardcore console-consumers embracing the technology.

People are continuously migrating from desktops to smartphones and mobile devices, especially in the prevailing times, as we observe national lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With many people at home, it is not a wonder that over 70 percent of iGaming turnover is generated through these devices. Sleek designs, 5G network, and high-resolution screens are some smartphone features that have led to increased adoption of mobile gaming. Smartphones offer the ability to create a memorable experience through immersion and are expected to drive the industry’s future growth.

Although there are constant changes in the gaming industry, the future of the iGaming looks bright. Experts are adapting to these changes by creating new versions that would not be recognized a decade ago. With technology and innovation shaping the gaming space, players can expect even more thrilling game products in the future.

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