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3 Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement

3 Email Marketing Strategies to Increase Engagement 1

Email marketing is only as effective as the engagement your content spikes. Your emails may be perfectly executed, but if they don’t appeal to the people on your list, they’ll go unnoticed. What can you do to get more subscribers to click on your emails? If your open rates aren’t making you happy, and your click-through rates could use a boost, we have just the right tips for you. These strategies will help you reactivate your subscribers and increase email marketing engagement.

Take an honest look at your content

Start by asking yourself if your emails are really helping and entertaining your audience, or they’re merely communicating promotional messages. Maybe your marketing would benefit from an inbound approach. When people receive content that’s relevant to their needs and interests, they’re much more likely to engage with it.

Of course, continue to send updates about your products and services. But when presenting them, always focus on how they help your customers. The more you gravitate around the idea of being useful, the more positively your customers will perceive you.

Don’t know how to create better content? Here are some ideas:

  • take a look at your competitors. You should never steal any concepts, but being aware of what’s happening in your industry is essential.
  • consult with a content marketer. They are specialized in this branch and can come up with fresh ideas to revitalize your emails.
  • consider taking a copy writing class or hiring a copywriter. It’s inspiring to discover how changing a few words in your copy can boost your engagement.

Have you used an email address validation system?

Discouraging open rates are often a sign that your email list isn’t up-to-date. If you haven’t used an email address validation system yet, study the market to find the right one for you. Look for a company that guarantees high accuracy, follows GDPR regulations, and offers you reliable support.

Email validation should be an integral part of your email marketing program. It supports better data hygiene by removing fake and invalid email addresses from your list. The better your leads, the great the chances for your open rates and engagement to improve.

Here are some of the benefits of using an email address validation service:

  • it prunes your database of misspelled, catch-all, temporary and abuse emails
  • a good system will also eliminate spam traps, which jeopardize your sender reputation
  • it helps you communicate only with genuine people
  • also, it saves you money by preventing you from emailing dead ends

Cleaning your list is just as important as crafting your email content. Both work hand in hand to ensure your emails reach the inbox and get a chance to be seen.

Personalize, encourage conversations, and run smart promotions

People subscribed to your emails because they were looking for something valuable in exchange for their email address. Whether it’s interesting content or some really good deals, they continue to expect that from you. So, every time you show up in their inboxes, make sure you fulfill this expectation.

Start by personalizing your content:

  • adding small tokens, such as first names, is a great way to start. It creates intimacy and helps strengthen the relationship.
  • use the data you’ve gathered about your subscribers to learn more about them. Where do they live? What do they need? What is it that they like? Send them just that, and they’ll start engaging with you.
  • study their purchase history so you can determine their behavior. The more you know about what they shop for and what their rhythm is, the more relevant your content will be.

Then, let’s talk about conversations: how do you encourage them when you’re at a party? By expressing genuine curiosity about people’s thoughts and opinions on a certain topic. Apply the same principle to your emails. Share a thought and invite your subscribers to join the conversation – either via email, or your social media platforms.

Finally, promotions are always an effective strategy to get people to react and respond. However, you have to plan them carefully. Run too many and your brand is going to suffer. Run them scarcely and you’ll fail to build up customer loyalty. Find a sweet spot and deploy promotional campaigns that entice your subscribers to engage with your business.


If you want to boost your email marketing engagement in 2019, focus on your subscribers. Even when talking about your business, let people know how it helps them. The more you manage to capture that in your messaging, the better responses you’ll get.

Written by Mihaita Vulpe

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