3 Justifications to include Email Marketing in 2024,Beyond Advertising

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3 Justifications to include Email Marketing in 2024,Beyond Advertising 1

Email marketing is still, as of 2024, one of the simplest and most efficient ways to target particular client segments and boost conversions.

But as privacy laws and data gathering policies get more focused and specialized, it also gets harder for marketers to utilize email as an effective communication tool.

Below, we’ll overview the status of email — and its place — in email marketing of today, while providing some reasons to leverage it in your 2024 marketing campaigns and beyond.


1. Email is one of the most crucial marketing channels

According to MoEngage and ClickZ, marketing professionals are investing more in email than in marketing automation, customer data management, and personalisation.

Affordability of email marketing makes it a top reason for its ever-growing popularity. This is probably why Litmus estimates that for every $1 that marketers spend on email marketing, they should anticipate at least a $36 return.

2. Email is a top B2B marketing strategy

According to Sagefrog, 36% of B2B professionals use email for B2B marketing, which is higher than the percentage of professionals who use paid social media, virtual events, and video marketing.

Despite its widespread use, our prediction is that email marketing will only represent 0.2% of US digital ad spend this year, or $667.3 million. The low expenditure percentage emphasizes how reasonably priced email marketing is once more.

“The only channel where you can invest very little time and effort and still make money is email,” Ryan Phelan, managing partner of the email-focused marketing firm RPEOrigin, told me.

3. Deals are still best received by email

Deals via email are still very much alive, according to CouponFollow. In fact, 48% of US millennials say they prefer it over SMS and mobile app coupons. Email is preferred over mobile apps, so while marketers may lose out on certain first-party data that apps offer, it also means that the most affordable alternative is also the most often used.

Focus on email marketing to promote sales and other offers as marketing budgets are getting tighter and customers are looking for deals.

Now that you know why email is still worth exploring in 2024 not depending on what your expectations or needs are, let’s overview some of the best practices for using it in your business.

1. Optimize for mobile

If a user has a negative mobile experience, they are 52% less likely to interact with a business. You’re wrong if you think email design on mobile devices tells a different story. In every field, its importance is growing, particularly with the rise in popularity of well-read methods and creative solutions.

It’s no news that mobile browsing is slowly but confidently surpassing desktop browsing. That means that individuals check emails on their mobile devices as well. Thus, it is impossible to overestimate the importance of improving the mobile experience. It ought to be perfect.

2. Make your design appealing

In terms of marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2024, a move towards visually appealing email designs may be one of them. The days of newsletters being jam-packed with extraneous details and content are long gone. These days, a strong mailing content strategy is essential, as is an eye-catching newsletter design.

Your readers receive a lot of emails every day; yours is just one of them. You can take the following actions to make sure your email looks good:

  • Relevance and succinctness: Make sure your emails are brief and direct. As soon as your readers open your email, explain to them why it is relevant to them.
  • Aesthetics: To make your email visually appealing, use elements such optimized photographs, graphics, and web-safe fonts.
  • Programmatic native advertising: One option to monetize your emails is to include programmatic native advertising that blends in seamlessly with the content without disturbing your users.
  • Dark mode: As consumers become more aware of the eye strain that displays may cause, dark mode has grown in popularity. With over 44% of marketers already taking dark mode into consideration during creation, this widely used feature has evolved from a fad to a need.

While it seems obvious, not everyone uses beautiful design to boost the performance of their email campaigns. Consider going for a user-friendly email marketing tool to ensure your campaigns have up-to-date and user-oriented design.

  • Tip: MailChimp is known as a go-to email design platform. It features tons of various templates which you can easily edit and continually test to measure and boost your results.

3. Use email automation

Email marketing automation ensures uniform and consistent communication between brands and subscribers. Furthermore, it gives the client authority over their inbox. Email campaigns that are automated typically outperform those that are not. The sequence begins when users take certain steps. An automated process’s emails are sent with greater responsiveness, making for a much friendlier communication experience.

You will have access to numerous other features, including but not limited to:

  • Ability compile a contact list with proper segmentation
  • Ability to send clients a series of automated emails.
  • Tracking capabilities for understanding how your consumers interact with your emails.

You must maintain an organized email list, templates, and client data if you want to send the most accurate automated emails. To keep track of these procedures, it is therefore best to have a high-quality email marketing automation platform.

So, why still go for email marketing in 2024?

Email marketing is still working, as you are already well aware. In fact, it is even among the best ways to connect with your target audience, even in the age of growing privacy concerns and more stringent privacy regulations. Here are some reasons that explain its popularity:

  • It offers a straight channel of contact. An email sent is delivered right to the recipient’s inbox. Compared to posting on social media or launching a paid advertising campaign, this increases your chances of capturing their interest.
  • It is extremely customisable. You may send customized emails to various subscriber groups by segmenting your email list. This enables you to deliver emails that are more engaging and relevant to the requirements of these subscribers.
  • It can be measured. Email data, such as open, click-through, and conversion rates, are all trackable. Over time, you may use this data to make your email marketing efforts more effective.
  • It’s affordable. Last but not least, email is one of the most economical forms of digital marketing. Unlike sponsored ads or targeted social media campaigns, you won’t have to pay to increase email reach — which makes it an affordable, yet potentially the strongest marketing channel.

As you can see, email should still stay essential in advertising efforts in 2024 and beyond. Combined with other marketing activities in your channel mix, it will surely boost your lead conversion and sales, while taking your ROI to the next level.

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