3 predictions of how smartphones will be in future

By Sarah williams
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3 predictions of how smartphones will be in future 1

When it comes down to the aspect of mobile phones, it is almost amusing to think about just how primary and backward things were about two decades back when most people would go wide-eyed about the options of changing their background colour or favourite ringtone. Things have come so far from that point onwards in such a short span of time that it is hard to believe the humble beginnings of the mobile phone today. First of all, they are now called smartphones for obvious reasons and secondly, they have a plethora of impressive aspects such as touchscreen displays, high-tech camera and video features as well as facial recognition. All in all, we have come a very long way.


Plus, an assortment of games as well as music is being listened to on the smartphone as well as the usage of many apps when it comes to buying items and booking taxis, just to name a few. Surely no one could have predicted the sheer impact phones have on our lives today as back then, all of this would have still been in the realms of science fiction. Today, it’s quite the bizarre reality. Now, things get really interesting when we come down to how smartphones of the future will look like. On that note, let us look into the top five predictions:-

  • Mind control: After the touchscreen, the next big thing predicted is the fact that by using our voices, we will be able to interact with our devices. With Google Assistant and the like, this is already on its way to becoming a reality. The next step is mind control. Even though we still have a long way to go with this, the technologies that will enable you to type as well as open and close apps with your mind is being developed as we speak.
  • The aspect of over-the-air chargwing: One of the biggest disadvantages of the current smartphone is the fact that the battery life is rather short. Even the best ones out there do not last more than two to three days. In the future, things will certainly look up as few companies like Loxit Products are looking to charge devices over the air. Over great distances, this will certainly be of great help to millions of people across the globe.
  • Phones that are stretchable: Even though this may sound a bit much for people to digest, this is indeed projected to be the next big trend. The talk of flexible displays have been doing the rounds for quite a while now and people are predicting that not only will phones be able to bend, but stretch as well. That will make the overall experience a lot more interesting and immersive at the same time.

At the end of the day, many people end up falling on opposing sides of the spectrum when it comes down to how powerful smartphones can become and whether they can even determine what we think and do. After all, even today, they are steering pretty much 80% of our lives in totality. Of course, it pretty much goes without saying that even now, it is pretty much impossible to be 100% accurate about the future, but for the most part, a good 50% of the predictions do turn out to be true.

In fact, some people are going as far as to suggest that in the future, smartphones may not even be like they are today. Maybe they are part of a huge AI grid or they can take the shape of a high-tech pair of glasses where one can even listen to music and experience Virtual Reality. Everything could be interconnected and holograms could very well start becoming a reality. In fact, what a lot of studies are showing is that in the future, we will be seeing a lot more integration of emerging and related technologies than many breakthroughs. Of course, this all still remains to be seen.

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