3 Things You Can Do to Get Hired in Tech

By Sony T
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3 Things You Can Do to Get Hired in Tech 1

The tech industry is booming. Companies continue developing exciting digital products and you could make it big if you get involved from the ground up. However, a job in a high-tech marketplace requires high-tech skills. Don’t expect to walk in off the streets with no experience and land a job in tech.


It’s time to rethink innovation and learn new, digital skills. Weaving or cobbling could get you a job in the 1800s and typing and penmanship could get you a good job in the 50s. So now in the 21st century, you need coding and communication skills to get a job in tech. The landscape of the digital world is constantly changing, so you need to be adaptable. A lot of the skills for a job in tech can be learned or developed over time, so if you‘re interested in joining this career field, you can start today. Here are three basic steps you can take to jumpstart your career in tech


Learn the Systems

Technology is built by innovators. And these innovators have a unique language of their own. To work in tech, you’ll want to learn the language of coding and computers. This can be anything from website building to data analysis to financial records.

It’s up to you to figure what area of tech you are most interested in. You can get involved in building apps and websites. You can work on cloud-based communication and marketing technology. Or you can work on the financial, number-crunching side of the digital market. Finances have records and communications of their own, the best of which utilizes a program called Python. NumPy specifically helps with scientific and numerical computing. Once you’ve mastered the system, you can use NumPy Reshape to efficiently process data. Having hands-on experience with systems like this is the first step to landing a job where this knowledge is imperative. You’ll want to build an impressive resume and portfolio where all your skills can be shared and celebrated.

Learn to Communicate

While the tech industry exists online, there are soft skills that are important to master as well. Working well on a team and communicating effectively are skills to perfect before you start applying for jobs in tech. There is a common misconception that tech specialists sit behind a desk all day and don’t need customer experience when in fact, communication is a huge part of the job. You’re responsible for working with many departments and communicating tech language to people who may not understand. You also have to keep everyone on task and on the same page about greater projects and goals.

Communication avenues are becoming more digital and efficient. With the development of call center software, companies can set up cloud-based communications that utilize call recording, live chat, and AI responses. The best call center software uses omnichannel technology that allows communication to stay succinct and transferable across many avenues. Communication channels are a huge part of how business and tech operates, so be sure your communication skills are ready for the tech world.

Learn the Landscape

Networking is important in any job, but especially tech. Before you jump in, learn the landscape of the field and talk with people currently working in that area. They can fill you in on the nuances and details of their day to day job and help you develop a plan to become the best candidate for future positions within the industry. Tech goes through trends of development and hot areas to explore. Research where you can best break in and make a plan for how you want to succeed in tech. Listen to podcasts, read books, seek out meetings to figure out where your passions and tech coincide. The more you understand the broad landscape of tech, the more likely you are to find a job you’ll enjoy and excel at.

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