37% of Employers Eye Increased Human-AI Collaboration by 2024

By Sunil Sonkar
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37% of Employers Eye Increased Human-AI Collaboration by 2024

Indian businesses are getting ready to make big changes in how they hire people, says a survey by Indeed, a global hiring platform. They want to use artificial intelligence (AI) and make sure they meet the expectations of Generation Z (GenZ) employees.


The survey discovered that 59% of workers feel really sure about using and getting good at AI tools, showing that more people are okay with using AI at work. However, only 19% of surveyed employers have implemented or are in the process of implementing next-generation technologies like Generative AI at the workplace.

In 2024, employers’ top priorities include increasing human-AI collaboration (37%) and reskilling or upskilling the workforce (25%) to meet evolving skill demands.

This year, employees focused on acquiring Generative AI skills (27%) and programming languages (22%), while employers were keen on hiring for skills such as cybersecurity (37%) and data science and analytics (29%).

Sashi Kumar, who leads sales at Indeed India, pointed out that companies are looking for different skills like Data Analysts, Software Engineers, Sales Engineers, Project Managers and Designers.

In 2024, it is important for employers to match what Generation Z (GenZ) employees expect. GenZ employees prefer workplaces with flexible arrangements (38%), purpose-driven work (23%) and technology-driven environments (18%). Employers are responding by prioritizing flexible work arrangements (26%), technology-driven environments (24%) and professional development opportunities (20%) to attract and retain GenZ talent.

Diversity and inclusion will take center stage among employers in the coming year, with 47% indicating a surge in robust policy adoption. Top strategies include open communication channels (40%), diverse leadership representation (20%) and anti-discrimination reporting (17%).

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