3D Scanning: A Boon to the Technology Industry

By Swamini Kulkarni
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3D Scanning
3D Scanning

With the fast-changing world, people are coming up with new products, improving existing products and sharing their innovations with the entire world. One of the recent developments by humankind is the 3D scanning technology that is gaining traction in the market and is becoming a crucial tool in each stage of the product lifecycle management (PLM). It is revolutionizing the way we design, model, and visualize real-world objects or environment.


3D scanning analyzes the objects to collect data on its shape and appearance. The data is then used to create a digital 3D model with properties such as length, width, height, volume, color, density, and more. The components used by a 3D scanner namely, light source, photodetector/sensor, and computing system are undergoing rapid advancements to generate more precise scans. Two various light sources can be used to measure object distances in 3D scanning.

The type of source used depends on the nature of the scanned object and the requirements for scanning. Lasers are a more recent invention and are a crucial part of the technology. White light or LEDs are other alternatives that can be used to illuminate and gather data on the scanned object.

The 3D scanning market is experiencing a rapid growth in recent years due to technological advancements in 3D scanning, use of high definition content recording for movies, the emergence of low-cost systems, and the benefits offered by the 3D scanning technology such as faster production and time to market, less human errors, improved quality, and reduced warehousing costs, and a better knowledge about the performance of a product.

As a result, several industries such as manufacturing, automotive, civil engineering, aerospace, entertainment, medical/dental, and more are benefitting from the capabilities of 3D scanning. Allied Market Research predicts that the 3D scanning market was valued at $8,427.0 million in 2017 and is likely to accrue a sum of $53,345.0 million through 2025, thereby growing at a CAGR of 25.7% from 2018 to 2025.

As 3D scanning technologies are continuing to advance, businesses are exploring ways to leverage the technology to deliver unique capabilities and bring profits to their enterprises. They are also employing strategies such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and product launches to gain a strong foothold in the marketplace, which is leading to the market growth.

For instance, Thor3D, a creator of unique 3D scanning technologies, added a new device called Calibry to its product portfolio in February 2019 at the TCT Asia in Shanghai. Gentle Giant Studios, a company owned by 3D Systems that specializes in scanning, digital modeling, and sculpting, announced the launch of Juggernaut mobile 3D scanning studios for the entertainment industry.

Shining 3D, a company providing 3D digitizing & 3D printing solution unveiled its latest 3D scanners called EinScan Pro 2X 3D Scanner and 2X Plus. FARO, one of the leading providers of 3D measurement and imaging solutions, acquired Opto-Tech SRL, an Italian manufacturer of optical equipment, and its subsidiary Open Technologies SRL, a 3D scanning Solutions Company.

Thor3D Introduces New Compact 3D Scanner

Thor3D extended its product portfolio by launching a device called Calibry to scan historically challenging objects. A device for capturing medium and large objects, the solution has an in-built touchscreen for viewing and processing scan data. It is deployed with the company’s new patent-pending 2.5 mp texture camera technology, which can gather about 3 million data points per second. The Calibry also produces a resolution of up to 0.3mm.

Gentle Giant Studios’ State-of-the-art Mobile Studios Unveiled

The two systems namely, the Juggernaut I and Juggernaut II, offer fully mobile scanning capabilities and is made for the entertainment industry. Capable of capturing scans with nearly 100% likeness, the scanning systems eliminate the need to transport and set up equipment.

This saves the production time and money without harming quality. Featuring a triggering system for the cameras and lights, they are capable of full-frame photogrammetry and can easily be transported to various locations. Pierre Bohanna, an independent costume FX designer, said, “Their new Juggernaut Mobile Studio is mind-bogglingly clever and cutting edge! With this mobile photogrammetry solution, Gentle Giant Studios has solved a number of challenges others have not been able to overcome.

The Juggernaut rocks up to stage, on location and talent, wardrobe, and props are scanned in very little time. The data acquired allows me and my team to create wardrobe and props with 100% accuracy.”

Launch of Innovative 3D Scanners by Shining 3D

Shining 3D’s EinScan Pro 2X 3D Scanner and 2X Plus come with versatile scan modes and align modes. They can run up to 1,500,000 points per second under ‘handheld rapid scan mode’, with an accuracy of up to 0.04 mm in ‘fixed scan mode’. Moreover, the multifunctional handheld 3D scanners feature plug-and-play installation and are compatible with various add-ons, including a Color Pack, Industrial Pack, and HD Prime Pack. Along with the scanners, the company also unveiled a new software called ExScan Pro, which helps to scan faster and comes with all-new UI and workflow.

Acquisition of Opto-Tech SRL and Open Technologies SRL by FARO

FARO recently acquired Opto-Tech SRL and its subsidiary Open Technologies SRL with the aim of extending its 3D capabilities into dental and various other design-driven industries such as automotive, fashion design, and aerospace.

The rich portfolio of 3D structured light scanning solutions offered by Open Technologies allows dentists, dental technicians, and orthopedics to take advantage of 3D for developing crowns, implants, and prosthesis. The company’s industrial best 3d scanner and software help enhance efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and effort across different product design and inspection applications, including reverse engineering, heritage preservation and restoration, product visualization, and dimensional measurement.

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