4 Common IT Struggles of Small Business Owners and How to Resolve Them

By Srikanth
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4 Common IT Struggles of Small Business Owners and How to Resolve Them 1
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IT means information technology. This is a wide-ranging field that encompasses all sorts of tasks and tech. Even the smallest types of business entities typically have IT needs.


Melbourne’s small businesses might sometimes struggle with their IT requirements. The owners or operators may not know what to do about it in every instance. Let’s talk about some of the most common IT needs that small business owners and operators have and what they can do about them.

They Need Constant IT Support

Some small business operators find that they need more IT help than they might have imagined when they first opened their doors. They might have a freelancer that they use, or perhaps they have an IT company that they utilize off and on.

If that’s not sufficient, the company’s owner or operator may need to hire a full-time IT worker instead. That might turn out to be more cost-effective.

The Need to Have Live Operators to Assist Potential Customers

Some small companies find that as they grow, they have more possible customers reaching out to them. Having a single person or even multiple individuals available to answer the phone might not be working so well.

The solution can be to commission someone to create a chatbot for the company. That can cost several thousand dollars, but once the chatbot is up and active, the company owner or operator can install it on their website. Then, the chatbot can answer many of the more common questions that a possible customer might have, and there’s no need for live operators to cover so many phone calls.

The Website is Being Overwhelmed

Nearly every company has a website now, even the small ones. A business’s website might work for a while, but if more traffic keeps coming, it can be overwhelmed, leading to customer dissatisfaction.

A solution might be to hire someone to create an application for the company. The app can handle some of the overflow from the website. Plus, people can use the app when they’re on the go, which appeals to many individuals these days. More people access websites from their mobile phones than do so from laptops in 2023.

They’re Using Too Many Kinds of Software

A small company might use many different kinds of software throughout the workday. That might work for a while, but if the businesses grows, a time might come when it’s no longer sufficient.

The solution might be to look into different software suites for small businesses that have many functionalities. Many such software suites exist now. There are even ones that are specific to different niches or industries, like healthcare, the law, importing and exporting, and so forth.

These IT problems or tasks are likely to show up on the radar of most small businesses eventually. If you’re a company owner or operator, you must come up with a practical solution. The ones that we mentioned might be viable, or you can always handle these issues in other ways as well.

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