4 Great Apps Created By Students

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4 Great Apps Created By Students 1

Various apps have become an integral part of life. There are so many of them that only scrolling Google Play may take a lot of time. Paid and free; for entertainment, for recreation, and for brain training; designed as novellas where your choice leads to different endings, actions, and MOBA in your pocket. Apps that can help you immersivity like online maps or navigators. You can even find apps that do not require an internet connection. In addition, don’t forget to get these apps dealing with college homework help to be more free while studying.


Surely, you have already experienced a variety of apps. Maybe you have an idea of how apps are made and why the creators agree to the number of annoying ads. But do you know about applications that were created by students?

Are you interested? Maybe, you will be curious enough to download and try to use them. And for now, essay writing service EssayPro and we are presenting:


From a student to fellow students: Yong Xun felt the complexity and heaviness of thick revision books deeply while being Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia candidate. Besides the listed features, books aren’t an excellent choice to protect the environment. 

Yong Xun felt the issues, learned codes for a month and came up with an app he named JomStudy. The app’s primary purpose is to provide an opportunity for SPM students around the world to learn 16 SPM subjects with the notes’ help. Among the subjects, you can see Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English. All of them are gathered to improve Malaysian education. 

The app is entirely free. Yong Xun is planning to add new features (e.g., multiple questions), which means that he won’t abandon his “child.” He does not include annoying ads to support JomStudy. Neither he asks to buy it. The only request is sharing the app with friends, relatives, and fellow students because the downloading increase will support it and ensure that JomStudy remains free. 

If your device is compatible, please, support Yong Xun. If you are an interested teacher, you can contact Yong Xun via email.


The COVID-19 outbreak has delayed the app’s availability on the store, but the team does not give up and hopes that it will be running soon. So do we. And while VYBRNT is waiting for its launching date, let us tell you a story behind it and the concept.

In Pennsylvania state, Joel Sakyi found himself incredibly lost. He decided to come up with an app that would help students of color seek a safe space and connection to the campus resources. Sakyi’s app will assist in finding different organizations matching backgrounds and interests. What took long months for Joel Sakyi not to feel lost, would take only a few minutes for fellow students in the same situation.

Although it seems that the COVID-19 outbreak has done a disservice, Joel Sakyi and the team gathered to help with the app take as an advantage. They have time to polish the app, run through possible lags, and give Penn students assistance in finding organizations to overcome the feeling of being lost.


From being lost in a big state to being lost in rare diseases. In 2018, the students from Stony Brook University designed an app that would be of great help to people diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and people whose mobility is impaired because of different factors.

EyeCanDo will help paralyzed people regain some independence. They will be able to turn on and off lights, set temperature, send messages, and interact with smart homes while using only eye movement. 

Currently, the team is still working on the app to meet individual needs and issues and remain stable in functioning. EyeCanDo will be able to reduce the burden of patients and caregivers and live the same life as it was before the diagnosis. 


Who would not like to participate in university events while being a student? Dutch students from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) felt that they had an answer. Colleges and universities are places where people find new relationships and participate in events to become a part of a new community. So, why not make a life for fellow students easier?

Six different Dutch universities use and support the app named Uni-Life. It helps student in:

  • learning about events organized by students in a chosen university;
  • setting the profile to find events matching user’s interests;
  • marking events as chosen to remember about them; 
  • searching future events and setting reminders;
  • filtering notifications and events;
  • registering and buying tickets.

The last update of the app has occurred on August 6, 2020. The number of uploads has already passed 1000+, so you can only imagine how many times it has helped Dutch students plan their free time. It remains only hope that universities in other countries will be interested in the concept and do something similar for local students.

In the meantime, if you like the content and want to learn more, be sure to visit EssayPro website to receive other insights on great apps created by students. 

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