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4 questions of small businesses about artificial intelligence

Our world is now filled with Artificial Intelligence. Our questions are now answered by Artificial Intelligence. And naturally, we have come dependent to it.

According to sources, AI is transforming our world “ten times faster” than the Industrial revolution. Ans we have the results on our hands with Alexa and Siri. As AI unravels the world around us, it is crucial that enterprises especially the smaller ones think on their future with AI. Here are 4 key questions that small business must ask about artificial intelligence.

  1. How much will your company be damaged by AI?

According to reports and surveys Artificial Intelligence will have an economic impact amounting from$14 trillion to $33 trillion, by 2020. In this development stage of AI, we have developed or marketing, logistics and automobiles that now run under Artificial Intelligence. AI, in future, is also claimed to change our education and manufacturing systems.

AI can damage your system if the company does not have the necessary infrastructure to support it. Cloud and Data are some basic needs to set up Artificial Intelligence. Look into your foundations and upgrade the systems to the latest IT approach.  “AI will become a threat to small businesses if owners believe it won’t impact them, or isn’t already impacting them.”

  1. How will AI impact business operation in the next 5 years.

We already how data analytics and cloud computing have and are making a big impact on the business enterprises. AI however holds the key to changing your business model entirely, even the job positions in your company and the business operations too in some cases. With AI, you rarely need to enter any information, for mostly you will be getting valuable information on ways to upgrade your system.

  1. How will AI change your customer experience?

Most customers (around 80%) believe AI will enhance the work performance of the organisation and create more job positions. However, reports claim otherwise that jobs that now recruit human workers, with AI can be transferred to automation requiring rare or negligible human interference.

  1. How will AI effect employees and recruitment process?

Small companies are entirely dependent on the customers. Without customers, these organisations fail drastically. Reports say that by 2020, more than 80% of the customer – employee interaction will be fully automated. However not all interaction that are automated have a good rating from the customer point of view, leaving a lot to be hoped for.

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