4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing

4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing

It is not always necessary for any company to have high performance computing, if they have big data. But these days we see that most of the companies have included big data. With the inclusion of big data we see that they have also included Hadoop style analysis. Here’s what you need to know, the 4 steps to implementing high-performance computing for big data processing.

How to know where HPC is required or not?

There is a wide difference between high performance computers and Hadoop technology. The former HPC uses technology where the data is stored centrally. The data files sizes are also huge. But Hadoop preserves the data on the commodity hardware. To include high performance computers, it is absolutely necessary to the higher management or authority. Without the consent of them it is really difficult to use HPC in any work. It is not necessary to have knowledge of HPC for the high level management. Their consent is required because there is investment involved in maintaining the High performance computers. It is necessary to maintain the hardware, software as well as giving training. One should at least have an idea how HPC will impact and bring changes in the business model. Many of the companies including Amazon believe that HPC are helping them to lead the technological world.

Identifying the cost included

Many companies like PSSC and others, includes packages where they have pre-configured and pre-packaged HPC hardware. To customize what the client needs, it is absolutely crucial to include HPC in their work. Clients will not only get quantity work but they will also get quality work. But one should also remember about the cost included in it. It should justify the costing. The return on investment here plays a key role in determine how widely big data can be used. It was found in a company where HPC investment was not much but when they started in achieving the targets and goals, started invested more in HPC.

Training the right IT Staff

It is not a child’s play to include High performance computers in the big companies. The IT employees should be trained accordingly. In the beginning the companies might have to hire IT consultants from outside. But later on once they get the right grip they can include their own trained staffs in the work. The staffs in the longer should be able to adapt and make it operational. A data scientist is also required to use and develop the algorithms. A system programmer who is highly efficient in programs like Fortran skills is required also. They should be able to work the process parallel to developing it.

In any company it is absolutely necessary to study their workload first and then including big data. Based on the work requirement one can invest in big data. Once you invest in big data, it is necessary in setting up and configuring the servers. The data will be stored and memory storage can be selected accordingly. Based on the requirement one can use Infiband which supports till 56 GB per second.

HPC delivers the right results at the right time

During high workload hours, HPC can gear up its additional resources to deliver the right results.  After achieving the results, it can automatically cool down by de-provisioning its resources. Hpc is nothing but accelerating the performance of the computers and solve complex business issues. Not only it tackles business issues but it also gears up the science and technology used in the companies. One can enjoy better work space with the help of HPC. It saves memory and it also produces work in thunder lightning speed.



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