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4 things app developers need to know about the internet of things

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Internet of Things or IoT, as it is popularly known around the IT industry, is a necessary tool both from the point of view of users and developers. With mobile apps becoming prevalent as usual points of data transmission and aggregation, app developers too need to assimilate the necessary knowledge for making their apps useful in the IoT network. IoT is growing so fast that it is often becoming difficult for enterprises to use it to the maximum advantage.

By the coming decade, the number of connected devices will be as many as 26 billion which only goes to show that human beings and devices will share the network and slowly operate as connected entities. Of course, there needs to be able developers who can make an impact in the IoT network. Hence, these are some of the points that app developers need to focus on to develop a skill set.

More sophistication in technology

Now, apps can no longer be used for simple transactions or application requirements that the app is supposed to do. Even in programming language development or business consulting, IoT experts are making their presence felt and all companies are trying to include them to gain some competitive advantage. Apps need to be more intelligent where various peripheral devices are used to communicate more easily and such communication is stored for later usage.4 things app developers need to know about the internet of things

Amazon’s Alexa is a clear example of such usage where voice command will be used for doing more with less effort. Nest, for example, contributes to smarter devices for your home and often, takeaways are using such devices to make your life easier. With smart cars joining the proceedings and smart cities in the horizon, it is obvious that IoT is a fundamental necessity in the technological landscape.

Increasing third-party interventions

App developers need to understand that flexibility in terms of development is necessary to a networked scenario. So, they need to upgrade if need be and make sure there is plenty of room for changing directions if the situation arises. This also requires a good deal of skill from the developers since they need to be visionary to understand where they should keep open ends and where they should tie the knots.

Third party software becomes prevalent in this regard as they allow you to connect new dimensions in the development process. However, not each third party software may be compatible and hence, API diversity is a must to make sure that there are proper connectors to allow such communication. In fact, developers are now wondering if apps should be developed on an IoT-friendly platform or not. Else, the hassle to change interfaces, codes and modules every time is too much.

Make it secure and mobile

Security has been a concern for some time now for IoT as such a huge network can easily lead to DDoS attacks which may end up impacting extremely sensitive data and data sources. Hence, vulnerability management becomes a concern where you need to fend off hackers and cyber criminals and you have to be trained to do that. So, developers must take note and make sure they update themselves regarding such threats.

However, it may be worth mentioning that a major section of IT developers do not have advanced knowledge of cybersecurity which goes to show that security has not been the top priority as of now. Along the line of security, mobility is also a concern because mobile devices can actually impact the growth of IoT because they are more immediately, regularly accessed and more readily a device for communication by many means- be it through mobile data or simple cellular connection.

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