4 Tips for Building and Strengthening Your Staff Base

Success requires a strong team. Hire wisely, nurture relationships, ensure peak performance for lasting results.

By Sunil Sonkar
4 Min Read
4 Tips for Building and Strengthening Your Staff Base

If you want your business to succeed (as we all do!), having a strong team behind you is imperative. Not only do you need to make sure you’re hiring the right people for the job, but continuously nurture those relationships and ensure that their performance is where it needs to be.

Building a strong staff base isn’t always as simple as it may seem – there’s a lot of though, planning, and long-term effort that needs to go into your HR strategy if you want happy and productive employees.

Here are some tips if you’re struggling to build your dream team.

Optimise Your Recruitment Strategy

When it comes to healthcare, people tend to use the phrase, “prevention is better than cure,” and, strangely enough, this concept could be applied to your employees as well.

Hiring underqualified, inexperienced, or otherwise unsuitable candidates with the intention of “fixing them” simply because you can afford them is a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure that your recruitment strategy is helping you hire the best possible people for the work that needs to be done, and that they will fit well into your existing team. To understand high performing team characteristics and look for these in your potential candidates, make sure you do a little research.

Employee Training and Development

You might think that hiring a bunch of really great and competent people will let you off the hook and allow you to stop thinking about them for a while. If this is the case – you would be wrong.

Training your new staff (even the ones that seem to know their stuff) in your specific processes and expectations is crucial, and ongoing training throughout the calendar year is equally important in keeping them all up to speed.

Whether they need skills development or have to stay informed on emerging trends in the industry, make sure to schedule regular training, and this includes your remote employees as well.

Communication and Feedback

We can’t fix our mistakes if we don’t know that we’re making them, which is whyoffering feedback to employees on their performance on a regular basis is crucial for leading a strong team.

Being unnecessarily critical isn’t what’s called for here – rather just identifying sticking points and including these in some feedback that highlights their successes and positive points as well. Uplifting your employees is just as important as addressing their struggles, so make sure you’re offering rewards alongside any warnings you’re handing out.

Team Building Activities

Having individual rockstars on your team is borderline pointless if your employees don’t gel well together and get along. As a business owner, manager, or whatever role you play, it’s your responsibility to bring them together and get them to understand how to work together.

As cliché and annoying as it might sound, team building activities can really do the trick here. Depending on your company culture, this could look like after-hours cocktails or literally playing some team building games at the office or on a work retreat. Up to you!

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