4 Tips to Safeguard Sensitive Data from Security Cameras

Home security cameras are essential for safety, but concerns arise about privacy and safety due to potential data collection.

By Sunil Sonkar
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4 Tips to Safeguard Sensitive Data from Security Cameras

Security cameras at home are important these days. These cameras make our residents safe and we can check on things when we are not present there physically. Even though the cameras are easy to use, some of us are worried that these might collect private info from our homes and make us think about our privacy as well as safety.

Leaked security camera data is indeed a serious concern. Although it is not possible to be completely safe, problems with cameras like Eufy’s show that we need to be careful when using devices connected to the cloud.

There have been situations that show security cameras can have some risks. For instance, Eufy cameras uploaded video thumbnails and facial recognition data to the cloud, irrespective of whether users utilized Eufy’s cloud services. Similarly, in 2021, some Eufy camera owners reported being able to access live video feeds and recordings from other households.

In 2020, freelance workers in Venezuela sparked controversy by uploading images captured by a Roomba J7 robot vacuum including an image of someone using the toilet. While these images were intended for AI training, they inadvertently found their way onto the internet.

To mitigate the risks associated with security cameras, there are practical steps one can take. Picking security cameras that keep data on the camera, not in the cloud, makes private stuff safer and reduces the chance of security issues. Additionally, certain smart cameras come equipped with privacy shutters, allowing users to physically block the camera when necessary.

Checking how good a brand is with privacy is really important when buying a security camera. Looking at their history, any problems before, and how serious they are about keeping your information safe helps you make a smart choice. It makes sure the camera you pick not only works well but also cares about keeping your data safe.

For those with heightened concerns, the most drastic but certain option is to forgo the use of smart cameras altogether. While smart cameras offer convenience, the possibility of breaches may be a deterrent for some. Choosing smart technology wisely is highly important to keep personal information safe.

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