4 Video Editing Apps like PRISM Live Studio

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4 Video Editing Apps like PRISM Live Studio 1

Video editing has become an integral part of our lives. It would not be easy to imagine a presence on social media platforms without video editing apps. Hence, it is essential to have the best video editing apps. However, the pioneer of video editing apps is PRISM Live Studio. It has some of the best features that would be difficult to find in ordinary video editing apps. However, it could not be feasible for some users to use PRISM Live Studio. Thus, it’s always better to have alternatives in mind. We have listed down the top 5 Video Editing Apps Like PRISM Live Studio.

1. Steamlabs Desktop

4 Video Editing Apps like PRISM Live Studio 2

If one has to name a perfect live streaming software, it must be the Steamlabs Desktop. It is one of the most popular streaming software in the market. The app’s main feature is that it allows users to broadcast their live streams on various video platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, or Facebook. The Stremlabs can also be used as a video editing tool. It has a highlighter tool for streamers that offers an easy way to edit and create highlight videos from stream replays.

2. VokoscreenNG

When there was no concept of screencasting, the VokoscreenNG had come up with the perfect software to make sure you look cool in front of your friends. If you are using Linux OS, then the tool is entirely free. Also, it is considered one of the best screencasting tools for Linux users. The app provides standard features you would expect in an ordinary screen recording tool. However, the USP of this software is its free version. The tool allows you to record the entire desktop. Apart from that, you can always record a particular area or a specific application window.


3. OBS Studio

4 Video Editing Apps like PRISM Live Studio 3

If you are a Youtuber or follow any gamer, you must have heard about OBS Studio in their conversations. OBS is free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming. Downloading and starting a stream on Windows, Mac, and Linux is easy through OBS Studio. Some of the features of OBS studio are High-performance real-time video/audio capturing and mixing, an unlimited number of scenes you can switch, an Intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters, Powerful and easy-to-use configuration options, access to a wide array of configuration options, and a Modular’ Dock’. All these features make OBS Studio one of the perfect video streaming platforms.

4. Restream

When it comes to professional video streaming platforms, then it would be unfair to overlook the Restream. With this app, one can easily create and broadcast live streams from your browser to 30+ social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. Most of the users have termed it as a hassle-free video streaming platform. Apart from that, their analytics says that Restream is the most popular platform for businesses, entrepreneurs, content creators, social community managers, influencers, and gamers to simultaneously stream live to multiple platforms.

Summing up

There are tons of video streaming platforms in the market. However, it would help if you chose the software according to your preference. There are various tools for various purposes. Hence, make sure you shortlist your objectives and goals and choose the best one among the video mentioned above, editing apps like PRISM Live Studio.

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