4 Ways To Build Brand Awareness To Engage Followers On Facebook

By Mansi Rana 5 Min Read
5 Min Read
Build Brand Awareness

Most of the peoples worried about how to build Brand Awareness To engage followers on Facebook.

Facebook started out as a platform where we could make more friends and get in touch with our old ones. However, over time, the space has expanded into so much more. Social media networks influence our buying decisions. However, over the past few years, we have noticed a downfall in user engagement. Customer insights on Facebook pages have reduced by almost 20%.

As a social media marketer, these stats are very worrying. Your brand has a reputation online that is sustained by how well you retain your followers. Don’t worry though, here are some tips to help you generate more traffic for your content. Adopt these Facebook strategies today and see the difference yourself!


Analyze market metrics

Before you launch your marketing campaigns on Facebook, you need to be sure that they have a higher chance of success. Understand your market base. What do your customers want? What kind of topics are currently trending in the industry? How severe is the competition? How can you add value to the customer experience? These are somethings that you should consider.

There are several analytical tools and platforms that give you valuable data on how to approach people. Post less, but post smartly. Your content has a greater chance of getting noticed if you pepper it with the right keywords, hashtags and post it at the right time.

Use targeted ads

Facebook now has a space reserved exclusively for brands and businesses that want to promote their services. It allows you to create targeted ads that focus on a certain section or demographic. So, before you post your ads, you can determine the gender, class, and location it must cater to. This enhances your chances of reaching the right customer

Also, post more videos on Facebook as they are in vogue amongst customers these days. Studies show that Facebook, on average has a 110% more engagement rate when you post videos. Videos also get shared a lot easier. Add subtitles, meta tags, text descriptions as well to make it more accessible.

Go live To Build Brand Awareness

Go live To Build Brand AwarenessFacebook like other social media networks now allows users to go live and share real-time updates with their followers. It is a great strategy for growing brands that want to engage more people. The live videos are usually long interactive sessions where you can read the comments as and when they are being made. It is a great tool for social media influencers to make announcements, give updates or simply talk to their subscribers.

You can even post a section or the entire live video session as your Facebook story. The stories stay on for about 24 hours before they are automatically deleted. It reduces the clutter on your profile, reduces data usage and also ensure a wider reach for your brand.

Respond frequently

One of the best ways to build brand awareness is try to reach out to more people by replying to comments. Facebook gives their users the option to filter the comments as well. Plus, you can see how many people like, love or hate your posts. It is a great tool for getting accurate and immediate feedback for your content. Replying to comments and personal messages also boosts the confidence of your audience base. They feel free to reach out to you.

Highlight and recycle your top posts and most popular content. This keeps the present audience entertained and any other visitors interested in your profile. Facebook is a lucrative platform for brands, if used the right way. With these methods, we’re sure you will be able to build brand awareness to engage followers On Facebook and will ace the social media game in no time!

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