4 Why’s no-code platforms won’t work for your business

4 Why’s no-code platforms won’t work for your business 1

While most of the best applications are built with the help of coding, others wish to rely upon the no-code platforms. Though the no-code platforms may seem easy, and you may not have to hire HTML developers, it comes with its own set of disadvantages. There have been several reasons why no-code platforms are not great for your business. Here are some of the reasons that you should know and understand before taking up a decision. 

  1. The Cost

If you think that not hiring the developers can help you save money, you are entirely wrong here. To go for no-code applications, you have to rely on several tools and software. Such tools can be quite expensive too. Also, there is no guarantee that you will get the exact application you have been looking for. This is because the no-code tools offer you limited choices to make. Thus, with limited options, you may get an application that is not worth it at all for your business. 

Ultimately, it may fail among the customers, and you may end up having a big disappointment. Thus, at the end of the day, you might land up expending much more than what you have thought of. Therefore, a no-code is not going to save you money; in fact, it can cost you much more since you will spend a lot of your precious time on useless work. 

  1. Limited Options

As mentioned above already, no-code tools are going to offer you much-limited options. These are mainly for developing a software or application that can focus on one particular problem area. Thus, if you think you will get a solution to your problem within the software that is an impressive user interface and functionality, you are wrong. 

Thus, it can be used for solving internal issues but not for the customer front. When you are hiring developers, they focus on different areas, such as the issue, the user experience, the look of the interface, and many others. Hence, with the help of coding, you can achieve a software or an application that is great overall. But if you aim to get the same result with no-code, that is quite an impossible task. 

  1. Not Scalable

Though the no-code solutions may come up fast and may offer you a solution to the problem, there are several other issues apart from having limited options. Suppose you wish to integrate the developed software or application into your cloud infrastructure or connect it with any other solution. In that case, you won’t be able to do so. This brings out another disadvantage of using no-code for your business. No-code solutions are not scalable or possibly are poorly scalable. Therefore, you cannot use it as per your requirements whenever you need it.

Though you may think that you do not require integration features for your software, you may still need to integrate it with other departments. This is the time when you might face the issue of scalability, and you may have to look for some other solutions. 

  1. Data Storage

Another major issue that you may have to face while using a no-code solution is data handling. As the no-code solutions do not have the option of integration, data integration often becomes trouble. You might come across several situations where the data was not stored properly in the software. You might also find a loss of data or even that the data is not available in the right structure. This can offer you colossal discomfort and difficulty in the future when you require data, and you do not get it in proper shape. 

Apart from all these issues, there is another major issue of lack of control over the no-code solutions. As you do not have control over the applications and software, it is not sure whether the application and the software solution are safe or not. 

The no-code option is efficient for simple solutions. But if you are thinking of using it entirely for your business, it can be a significant mistake. Hiring the right developers is the best option that you can have. It will allow you to get solutions to the business issues in terms of applications and software options developed based on uniquely written code. 

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  1. You are not informed in the marketplace of no code vendors. There are no-code options that are completely viable.

    Look at Wappler for web/mobile development, or for hosted web/mobile applications, and DreamFactory for APIs.

    These all have the advantages of providing no-code capabilities and have the flexibility of custom code capabilities when you need to customize things out of the box.

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