42.5% Of Global Workforce Set To Be Mobile By 2022

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It has been noticed that globally maximum workforce are becoming mobile.  It has also been estimated that about 1.87 billion employees will be mobile employees.

Due to the increased globalization and advancement of technology most of the professions are found to be mobile. Northern part of America and Western Europe has been reported to have to be leading in terms of mobile worker. It has been noticed that maximum employees in this regions are adapted to further more advanced mobile technologies like laptops, smart phones, tablets etc.

This is really a great invention indeed. Most of the people in this fast moving world are opting for this advantage. This invention has been gladly accepted by many people in different parts of the world.

STRATEGIC ANALYSIS: – The majority of work forces in North   America, Western Europe, and parts of South America is growing day by day. Even business activities in this region are offering flexible working environment to their employees.  In various parts of Africa it has been noticed that there is a great improvement of mobile workers in this region. Due to the advancement of science and technology it has become much easier for persons to operate from any part of the world. Life has become very easy. Every people in this present day carry smart phones to make their work much simpler and easier.

It has been noticed that globally maximum workforce are becoming mobile.

It has also been critically analysed that the workforce is about to increase by 1.45 million in 2016 .This is really remarkable achievement. Most of the people are using mobile applications such as IoT, mobile data’s to make their work more comfortable. Therefore as a result of globalisation there will be abrupt growth of mobile workers in all the regions of the world. It will increase day by day. People are performing most of their works through the use of smart phones and other devices.

Senior Analyst Gina Luk has reported that workforces in parts of United States and Canada have been continuing since a long time. It has come in to existence after an extensive study on the subject. It has also been assumed that as the level of technology will increase there will be an extensive increase of mobile workforce.  Hence time is not too long to go when globally workforce will rise up to 42.5% and most of the people will try to opt for this option.


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