5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android

racing apps for android

The car racing games have always been the first preference of game lovers as these powerful games offer extreme thrill & adventure. If you are playing these games on your Android device then we suggest you check the list below of 5 best car driving games.

List of the Best Car Driving Apps for Android

Here we shared a great list of amazing car racing game apps for android.

Clash for Speed

Your Track, Your Rules!

5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android 1

This extreme combat car racing game is meticulously designed to give you nerve-wracking racing & shooting experience. This powerful 3D car racing game is governed by ruthless warthog named “Speed Hog”. This war-loving tyrant loves to see brutal combat car racings in uninhabited planets.

Here, race starts from Green Valley and ends at Sci-Fi Gravity and gives you the opportunity to become an intergalactic racing champion. During the game, you will get a chance to drive in heavily armored cars and shoot down enemies on the savage inter-planetary race course. This powerful game is not limited to just a few race tracks as one of its unique features allows you to design your 3D race track to test your racing & shooting skills.

Using its track builder, you can draw simplest to toughest tracks to make it hard for opponents to win the race. To increase the complexity of the race track, you can place on-road obstacles and set off-road traps.

Remember, tough tracks will help you win more trophies that you can use to unlock other features of the game. In other features, Clash for Speed offers 15 pre-defined tracks, 20 upgradable tires, 10 original car stickers, 10 deadly weapons, 8 upgradable battle cars, 5 unique 3 D game environments and more.

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Nitro Nation 6

5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android 2

Nitro Nation offers 100 real cars from all top international car brands. Here, you will find various muscle cars that give you a thrilling experience while being on track. This amazing game offers you a chance to “fair play” where you needn’t wait for fuel or “delivery time”. The cars you find here come with most advanced features & functionalities so there is no need of going for premium versions.

This multiplayer racing game allows you to compete against your rival in real-time from around the world. It organizes weekly Regional tournaments where you get a chance to race through Bronze and Silver divisions to the worldwide Gold Elite Racing divisions.

Nitro Nation offers epic upgrades where you can upgrade your car with 33 unique car components with 3 tiers of aftermarket blueprints. You can even customize your car and give it a personal touch with options like cool decals, custom paint color, real Toyo tires, aftermarket Tec Speedwheels rims, skirts & spoilers, aftermarket bumpers and more.

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Asphalt 9 Legends

5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android 3

Asphalt 9 Legends offers top roster of real hypercars that includes cars from all renowned car manufacturers. It gives you liberty to choose the car of your choice to race through spectacular locations against rival speed machines. This hyper-realistic arcade racing game gives you opportunity to race against powerful cars around the world. Here, you can choose from the world’s 50 best speed machines.

These cars come loaded with stunning graphics & visuals, cool HDR techniques and real & particle effects. Further, it gives you the freedom to customize your cars using its car editor feature. This mighty game gives you blast of arcade car race fun with easy controls. Here, you get a chance to race against 7 rival players in real-time from around the world.

During the game, you need to complete 60 seasons and 800 events to become ultimate Asphalt racer legend. It offers an innovative driving control scheme called TouchDrive that helps you streamline car steering for ultimate racing control. In one of its unique features, it allows you to create your own online community under Club feature where you get a chance to interact with like-minded racer friends. This is a perfect game for you if you are a fanboy of arcade racing games.

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GT Racing 2

5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android 4

The best-selling car racing franchise is back with an unprecedented level of driving enjoyment no matter you are playing it solo or multiplayer. This amazing game offers possibly the best handheld racing simulation with 13 tracks and 71 licensed cars. It offers superb collection of supercars from more than 30 manufacturers around the world. Here, you will get a chance to test your driving skills by completing 1400 events and facing 28 new challenges each week.

To give you more realistic car racing environment it comes loaded with realistic car dynamics with different track conditions according to time of the day and weather conditions. For a better view, it offers 4 different cameras including interior view display. This amazing game is free of repair cost or repair time to give you best racing experience.

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Race Max

5 Best Car Driving Apps for Android 5

Try Race Max to enjoy ultimate car racing experience in legendary sports cars in different game modes. These game modes include time challenge, sprint race and speed trap to give you extreme gaming experience. It allows you to upgrade your cars with options like upgradable engine, controls, acceleration, brakes & nitro boost.

You can further customize your cars with options like paint color options, new decals, and customized rims. Here, you need to drive faster to improve your levels and unlock new cars. To improve your racing experience, it offers 12 tracks, 5 different world environment and 3 game modes.

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While the list is long when it comes to car racing games on the Google Play Store, here, we have compiled the 5 best car driving games for Android. If we have missed your favorite game in the list, then feel free to comment below.

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