5 Best Tools For Creating Your Own Interactive Maps

5 Best Tools For Creating Your Own Interactive Maps 1

Some of you might probably think that creating your own custom map would be rather difficult but that is not true. Well, some years ago that might be the case since you would need to have programming knowledge to create a map that will be able to function according to your specifications. However, in today’s world, there are a wide variety of tools available for free and creating a custom map has never been so easy and useful. In some cases, all you have to do is just upload your spreadsheet or duplicate your data right into the tool to create your map and begin with it. Here are some of the best tools for creating your own interactive maps:

  1. Google Maps API

Google Maps API is a well-known tool and is frequently used, the Google Maps API is the most basic for online maps that are effortlessly integrated across the settings. Google Maps API enables you to view the streets along with Google 

Places integration, giving you insights and even surveys the locations in which your audience might be eager to know.

The maps are available in various options where you can customise them based on the colour, visibility levels and even inscriptions. Since the customization is of high level it may require some coding but as always, Google gives you detailed instructions. For those who do not want to go through the detailed instructions, you can check other services that operate with the Google API and instantly guide you to customise.

  1. ShowMyMap

ShowMyMap is one of the most convenient interactive mapping tools out there. With this incredible tool, you can easily control your map and drag it, zoom in and out to however you want, this map can also uncover more details within designations and plenty more.

You can choose to filter and analyse your map data utilising the grouping, clustering and filtering tools to stipulate the data that you want to view or want to be displayed. With ShowMyMap, accurate analytics are delivered and disclosed valuable and outstanding insights.

It can also pinpoint locations, shopping centres, etc. and get optimized route choices. ShowMyMap uses Google Maps API to deliver you precise and familiar mapping experiences.

  1. Snazzy Maps 

Snazzy Maps functions with the Google Maps API to guarantee any maps you’re creating look incredible on your site. The tool is available for free for everyone to use, this service enables you to pertain various design templates onto your map. This is especially important for most web designers who want to embed a map effortlessly into their design, which doesn’t require custom coding.

Are you among those who don’t have a custom-built site? Say no more, all you have to do is download a few plugins since Snazzy Maps keeps a record that is compatible with prominent platforms like WordPress.

  1. Mapme

The incredible thing about Mapme is that you can try it out for free. Mapme allows anyone to build their own custom interactive map. You need to have programming knowledge to use Mapme. This tool offers a plethora of awesome features to make your map look amazing. The features of this incredible tool enable you to add events, directions and surveys etc. to the map under personal markers. Organizations need to start using this tool as it provides you with the most valuable information and useful insights into your data.

  1. Mapbox

Mapbox is particularly constructed to optimize custom maps for portable devices. The tool gives you a strong free tier for almost all of its features even if you didn’t opt for a paid service. If you’re planning to develop an app or want to build a more suitable mobile site, Mapbox guarantees that your map is ready for phone users. Mapbox utilises the location feature on portable devices to deliver up-to-date route planning and guidance. With its API, you can carry out this map tool into your application to make things simpler for your clients or employees.


Interactive maps are reliable and an excellent way to show localised data while it supports and gives you useful insights into your business. Just the data itself can be extremely beneficial, but to make the most out of it needs visualising the data and contributing context. A map allows you to do a lot more similar to a chart or graph. A map is used to track consumer financial usages, plan a useful route for your deliveries, or show your business locales accurately. Creating your own Interactive maps is useful as it has a plethora of uses, it doesn’t matter what kind of business you administer.

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