5 Best YouTube Monetization Alternatives to Earn Money with Videos

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YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms in the world with a huge audience. When it first allowed people to upload, manage and monetize their video content on its platform, it was absolutely unheard of. This brilliant stroke of genius resulted in a completely new form of career path for video creators. These people would get paid according to the number of views they get on their videos, and as the views increased, their revenue did too. All they had to do was give a certain percentage of the revenue to YouTube.

Issues With YouTube’s Monetization Policy

This practice was quite profitable, until YouTube started changing it’s policies to suit the advertisers rather than the creators. From time to time, the revenue streams would vanish overnight because of changes in the YouTube monetization policy which made for an extremely unstable and unpredictable income source.

Modern Problems, Modern Solutions

With better open source technology, today, a lot of creators opt for their own, independent streaming platforms as alternatives to YouTube for earning money. These platforms give them the ability to launch, manage and monetize their videos on their own terms and keep 100% of their revenue, all for a fixed price. This way, creators can customize their platform, apply marketing and branding techniques and monitor analytics in real-time.

Here is a list of such video monetization platforms/solutions that stay behind the curtains but currently rule the market:

1. Vplayed

Vplayed is the best Youtube monetization alternative for content creators that provides a 100% customizable platform with branding potential, marketing features, content distribution, video content management & enterprise-grade security. Being a solution and not a Saas product, Vplayed has no subscription model for payment. It takes a one-time fee in exchange for which creators will get complete ownership of their video monetization platform. Apart from video uploads; it also provides live streaming and OTT solutions. Looking for best platform vplayed one of finest suggestive solutions that meets all your needs.


  • Different Monetization Models (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD)
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Third Party Ad Insertion
  • Player Ads

 2. Contus Vplay

Contus Vplay is a high-end enterprise solution for individuals or companies looking to create new alternatives to YouTube. At a one-time price, their clients get an ample amount of features in their platform including but not limited to an easy-to-use CMS, Live Streaming facility,  OTT compatibility, AES-256 security and six different monetization options. Their cloud-based infrastructure lets their clients install the complete stack both on the cloud or on-site. Contus Vplay prides itself on its scalability and interoperability since the platform can be customized to any extent and is compatible with all the latest OTT platforms and devices.


  • Inbuilt Player Monetization
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • Server Side Ad Insertion
  • Client Side Ad Insertion

3. BridTV

BridTV is a white label platform to create a video hosting website similar to YouTube. It has integrated VPAID/VAST ads delivery along with a feature-packed video monetization platform which is compatible with all Android, iOS and web devices. They also provide SDKs for third-party integration. Their FREE, BASIC and PREMIUM plans give individuals and enterprises the opportunity to create a video streaming platform as a YouTube monetization alternative.


  • Outstream Ads
  • Header Bidding
  • Google IMA SDK Integration
  • Macro Support
  • Detailed Ad Analytics
  • Intelligent Banner Fallback

4. Brightcove

Brightcove provides a powerful and flexible video platform to enterprises and creators looking for YouTube alternatives to make money. They provide easy integration with marketing automation platforms and content management systems  to enhance efficiency and ROI. Their streamlined solutions also include a stand-alone HTML5 video player with Android, iOS and Web compatibility and HLS Live streaming which also have monetization options.


  • Metadata-driven Ad insertion
  • Built-in ad integration
  • Companion Ads
  • Server-side ad insertion (SSAI)
  • Client-side ad insertion (CSAI)

5. Kaltura

Kaltura has a vPaas model with solutions based on use cases. Kaltura has subscription payment with pay-as-you-go pricing i.e. payment according to itemized usage of its individual features. Any creator who is looking to create an independent video platform as an alternative to YouTube can opt for Kaltura’s highly refined solution. Kaltura also has a plethora of other features like Real-time Analytics, Video Enrichment Tools, Webcasting and integrated Marketing Tools.


  • Smart Ad Delivery
  • Native Player Ads
  • Built-in Server Side Ad Stitching
  • Personal targeted ads


Video businesses that exist on YouTube go through a lot of ups and downs, and in order to survive long-term, you need to opt for an independent video streaming platform as an alternative to YouTube for content creators and enterprises. In today’s world, anyone can make money with such YouTube alternatives and scale up quickly to take over their market niche. Video streaming is growing and now is the best time to make the switch to the solution that suits you best.

Written by John Smith

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