5 Business Web Design Trends Inspired by Big Data Analytics

By Liakat Hossain
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5 Business Web Design Trends Inspired by Big Data Analytics 1

There is a lot of buzz around Big Data these days. Big data is the combination of methods and tools to manage large datasets. These data can be both structured and unstructured. They may have meaning or not.

They are automatically generated by e-commerce stores, search engines, social media platforms, applications and websites to study human behaviours and habits.

Big data is of greater variety that arrives in large volumes and higher velocity. The traditional software cannot process this massive amount of data.

Processing this complex data must have some purpose. It helps optimize services according to the need of the potential customers. Information retrieved from these datasets are highly used in AI integrated tools.

Web design trends have been influenced both directly and indirectly by the use of Big Data. It is almost impossible to have a website that contains features necessary for this digital age without using Big Data. This article discusses some such trends in web design inspired by Big Data.

  1. Site searching

Site searching is a web design trend inspired by Big Data. It lets you track what things visitor are looking for on your site. Merely adding a search box helps you track what customers need.

Keeping track of this information is necessary because if the customers don’t find the desired products or services on your site, they will look for them somewhere else.

So, having a search box not only makes it a user-friendly one but also helps the owner know about on-going trends, customer needs, etc. Website owners can change their products/services or introduce new on-demand products/ services based on their observation.

  1. Traffic analysis

Traffic analysis lets you know real-time traffic and improve the areas having relatively less traffic. It reflects the visual appeal of your site to the visitors. This appeal is necessary which results in conversion drawing the attention of the audience.

You get to know the useful and driving elements of your site and can emphasize those. You also get to know the low performing areas and change them for better results. So, traffic analysis is a tool that uses Big Data and is trending now in web design.

  1. Heat map

Use of heat map analysis is of great importance in web design. Web designers try to design the websites in the best possible manner. But they often tend to make mistakes, and there are usually several areas of sites hardly visited. Heat map allows you to monitor your website content act right on time.

Heat maps can measure where a visitor’s mouse or eyes travel to help you understand what is drawing the user’s attention and what’s being skipped by them. It is a real-time performance of your site. This lets you know where you have a scope of improvement and you can work on that.

  1. Personalized suggestions

You must have come across this feature while browsing some websites that they automatically show some products or services in a sidebar. Some show your previously searched products. This is because of the personalized setting they have for you based on your browsing history.

This is implemented through Big Data analysis. As we have mentioned earlier big data is structured or unstructured data that may or may not have meaning. As you continue to browse in e-commerce stores, social media platforms and other things, big data generates.

This collected data is sorted, and a pattern for an individual is found. Based on this research, products or services are shown in the future whenever you visit particular sites. The possibility is you will like something from the customized list.

This particular design technique has increased sales significantly. People don’t like going through a lot of stuff and get their desired thing. They instead want to have it served. Implementation of this feature has benefitted both ends by increasing sales and creating satisfaction.

  1. Analytics and testing

Dashboards featuring different prospects of the business is a crucial designing tool in today’s world. This is done through Big Data analysis. As you show such informatics in a dashboard on your site, visitors can learn about you in a straightforward, convenient manner.

Including built-in testing options for different campaigns is a plus for your site. For example, if you can include A/B testing on your site, it certainly catches the user’s attention because of increased efficiency. And such a tool requires study of data.


We have tried to list some of the best business design trends inspired by Big Data. There are more such trends and day by day Big Data, and AI inspired design trends are taking the place of conventional design tips because of their increased efficiency. One cannot but go with the flow to serve the purpose and stay in the market.

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The article is written by Liakat. He works at WebAlive’s Sydney office. WebAlive is a digital agency offering web development and design services to the Australian businesses.