5 Content Marketing Tips to Know Before You Start An Advertising Company

By John Edwards
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Content Marketing

All businesses need to advertise their products and services if they want to grow and expand. Many businesses, even the small ones, realize that marketing is too difficult and time-consuming so they decide to hire advertising agencies. This way, they can benefit from effective marketing campaigns created by teams of professionals.


During the coronavirus pandemic, most companies do their business online, and ad agencies are no exception. By offering their services online, ad companies can both adapt to the current situation in the market and minimize expenses. At the same time, it’s important to understand that some types of marketing become less effective now, while others become more and more important for success. For instance, content marketing can be especially effective during the pandemic, since people spend more time at home and therefore consume more content.

Starting an Advertising Company

If you’re an entrepreneur who has a nice background in communications and marketing, you may think about starting an advertising company, which is a great idea. There are thousands of advertising companies in the U.S., and experts predict that their revenue will surpass $45 billion by the end of 2020. This type of business is attractive because it’s relatively easy to start. At the same time, a successful advertising agency can bring you great profits.

Most companies work remotely so there’s no need to buy or rent expensive office space. You also don’t need to hire a big team to get started. At first, you can perform many tasks yourself and save some money on salaries. Your main expenses will be associated with hardware and software. You also don’t need to have many years of marketing experience to start your own digital advertising company because this niche evolves at a rapid pace. One of the most important things to know about marketing is that many approaches that used to be effective in the past will inevitably lose their effectiveness in the future.

Ad companies can use many digital tools to work with clients from all over the globe. Your client base isn’t limited by location and, even though this industry is very competitive, you can always find a unique niche for your company. For example, you may focus on certain types of companies and work only with eCommerce or law firms. The advertising business is also perfectly scalable. You can hire contractors and freelancers to offer all-in-one services that will include email marketing, content marketing, SEO, social media, etc.

As you can see, starting an advertising company is a great idea. However, marketing is tricky, and not all companies manage to unleash their full potential. According to statistics, only 31% of advertising agencies rate their level of content marketing as mature. At the same time, most companies realize its importance. The thing is that content marketing can be a tricky tactic to master. You need to plan your strategy and to know what content to use in each particular situation, as well as how to use it. Here are some tips that might help you.

Top 5 Content Marketing Tips

  1. Make a plan
    To create an effective strategy, make a calendar that will guide your strategy throughout the necessary timeframe. Of course, you should take into account some unpredictable events and leave some blank spots that you’ll be able to fill in the future. Your content marketing plan must evolve and adapt to relevant topics.

A content marketing plan will help you plan not only when you’re going to post but also where you’re going to do it. You should prioritize different channels depending on your goals and manage all your channels effectively, which is impossible without preparation.

  1. Choose a specific direction for your content
    Most businesses already have a certain amount of content and teams of writers who create it. Content managers and strategists should understand what parts of their marketing framework every piece of content belongs to. For example, you can use landing pages, Facebook ads, and educational videos for outreach. Blog posts and case studies might fall into the conversion part of the framework, while questionnaires, reviews, and email series might be used for closing leads. When it comes to retention, you can use emails, exclusive offers, and surveys.

It’s important to have all these types of content ready before you start every stage of the content marketing campaign. Besides, you should know in what context each piece of content might demonstrate the best results. Therefore, you should clearly define the types of audiences and platforms that you’re going to use.

  1. Don’t overdo SEO
    Perhaps, this is one of the most important content marketing tips because many content marketers get obsessed with SEO. Of course, search engine optimization is very important if you want your audience to discover your content. It’s also necessary for website rankings and it helps build a good reputation. However, you should keep in mind that the main factor that influences your rankings is the audience’s overall experience.

No matter how good you are at using keywords, if website visitors are not satisfied with what they get on the website, they will likely bounce back, and it will negatively affect your website’s positions in search results. Keywords are important, but the quality of your content is the key factor that determines the success of your campaign.

  1. Repurpose your content
    Different types of content have different purposes, and you should be able to combine different types of content in order to save resources and time. For example, you may use guest blogging to increase the website’s authority and combine it with email series, as well as social media.

Creating a bunch of different content can be extremely time-consuming, and it may also be quite expensive. Therefore, we recommend that you consider repurposing your content for different channels. For example, a shortened version of a blog post can be used for social media or email newsletter. You can also add a link to the whole article to drive more traffic to the website.

  1. Use visual content
    Visual content not only supports your text and makes it less boring but also attracts mentions on social media and backlinks. For instance, infographics can be an extremely valuable linkable asset. People like to consume visual content, and this is a reason why you may often see infographics and videos at the top of search results.

A good solution is to make sure that the content production team collaborates with designers. This way, you’ll be able to ensure consistency and relevance of your visual content. Besides, don’t be afraid to experiment and look for content formats that will fit your objectives.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to start an advertising company, you should understand the key principles of content marketing and be able to use it effectively. Content marketing becomes more and more important because people are tired of ads but they are always looking for useful and engaging content. We hope that our marketing advice will help you use content marketing effectively and choose the right direction for your content marketing strategy.

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