5 cool Facebook Messenger chatbots for tech news

5 cool Facebook Messenger chatbots for tech news 1

Facebook messenger is no longer about sending messages to friends and acquaintances anymore. The arrival of AI has allowed the messenger to become a career of many chatbots that are emblematic of the various companies. While most of these chatbots are business chatbots, they do serve more than simple business purposes. They provide one-to-one customer service depending on the quality of the AI developed. Since there are quite a few platforms, these bots vary in terms of service quality as well as suggestions. So, here are some of the best chatbots that are currently available over Facebook if you want to learn about the happenings in and around the tech world-


It was once a website for all sorts of social news; but Digg has understood that Reddit has ousted every other player in that domain. Hence has shifted their preference to the domain of technology. They currently deliver top class tech content and its chatbot is surely one of the best around the globe. It also lets you access the newsletter daily if you ask the chatbot to send one. It contains a host of information regarding tech world and you get to read editor’s pick on a daily basis.5 cool Facebook Messenger chatbots for tech news


It is surely one of major websites when it comes to tech news and its chatbot is also pretty handy if you want to know the shifts in the tech world. For example, it is one of the most important sources for knowing what start-ups are coming up and which are impacting what domain. However, the chatbot is not as sharp as Digg. Having said that, it is quite good in terms of churning the latest stories and that helps you in keeping yourself updated. So, you get to know what new innovation everyone is talking about today.


This is another chatbot that has been developed by the same platform called Chatfuel. This is a very similar kind of chatbot but has a speciality. Here, you can choose a particular category of your interest, so if you have some niche interest, you can easily focus on that through this bot. However, they are yet to devise this category selection into chatbot itself.


This is a chatbot that is often touted to be the Reddit of this domain. Like Reddit, it aggregates news, and has a similar subscribing structure. It extracts the information from quite a few websites and updates from time to time. So, choose your category, choose your set of websites and then you will only be getting notifications of the news you want to hear. Surely, this is slick enough, but they often try to be unnecessarily elaborate.


Very similar to Digest, this is an extremely simple news aggregator. Instead of categories, there are numbers that indicate the category. That is fine until you know that you have to wait until the updates come rolling one after another. So, that can be a bit irritating for those for whom every second is important.


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