5 cybersecurity threats that companies face

By Srikanth
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Cybersecurity Threats

There have been enough reports to suggest that on an average, around 30-40% of organizations worldwide have experienced numerous cyber-attacks on their operations technology at various points in time.


Coming from a time when such attacks were headlining news to now where they have become quite commonplace, times do change indeed. Due to the intensity and volume of this kind of attacks, a lot of services have gotten wise to the threat and began taking the necessary precautions. However, this is just a small part of the overall puzzle.

If you are a reputed business owner, you certainly owe it to yourself in every way possible to keep an eye out for the latest type of cyber attacks to ensure that you are not caught unawares when your guard is down. Be it concerning an IT support company in London or elsewhere. That is the main point which a lot of marketers tend to forget about. On that note, let us look at the top 5 cybersecurity threats:-

Data breach:

With cloud data storage becoming increasingly popular, it should come as no surprise that many companies have already ditched traditional methods of data storage. However, when it comes to getting hold of a cloud provider, one does have to tread carefully. Even while backing your data offline, there are certain machines that have access to your information, so the reinforcement of your encryption system is key.

Malware attacks:

This often happens as a result of malicious software platforms that you are initially not aware of. The causes for malware attacks are many, but the most common is bundled free software programs and removable media. This is because neither of those two has a proper internet security software program in place. A strict security system that analyses every part of your software would be the ideal bet.

The aspect of Hacking:

Things have gotten slightly worse over the few years in this regard. This is partly due to hackers becoming a lot better at their game as well as the Internet of Things create more weak points in the computer system. The key is focusing on the main causes of hacking, such as password access and sharing credentials, do not share your credentials and passwords with anyone.

The insider threat:

This is one of the biggest threats that most services face. Sometimes, users are the weak link, plus there is also the fact that ex-staff can also pose the biggest threat than usually perceived. One must not only leave any stone unturned to make sure that their staff is well educated on cybersecurity but also the aspect of testing and monitoring their activities on an everyday basis.

Shadow IT Systems:

This usually concerns the software that is not supported by the company’s central IT service system but is software used within an organization. In this regard, there is not much control over who gets access to the data in question. Plus, there is no monitoring done on the recovery and backup processes. Once you spread awareness about this fact amongst your employees and sort out the inefficiencies in the system, things will become a lot better.

It is imperative that one understands that with strides in technology over the years comes an increase in overall security threats as well. That is just the way things are.

In the case of any and every single organization out there, the aspect of data protection is an absolute must and one cannot compromise on that in any way. Watertight steps need to be taken in this regard, plus all the employees must comply with a management-deployed regulatory framework to reinforce security from every angle possible.

Additionally, with the upgrade and rise of the cloud and data storage, one must ensure that the provider of such an important service is a trusted and reliable one. You may have the best provision of IT support in Essex, but in the worst possible scenario, failure to do so may very well result in the loss and theft of all your data.

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