5 New Car Tech Features We Never Needed

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In recent years, cars have become increasingly tech-savvy. From self-parking features to voice-activated commands, it seems like new features are being added all the time. But do we really need all of these bells and whistles? Let’s take a look at some of the car features that are more novelty than necessity.

Voice Activation Technology

Voice activation technology is one of the most prominent features in today’s cars. It’s not hard to see why – after all, who wouldn’t want to be able to control their vehicle with just the sound of their voice? Unfortunately, this technology often falls short when it comes to practicality. The accuracy rate for voice recognition is far from perfect and can lead to miscommunications or confusion. Additionally, people speaking at a normal volume can find themselves being drowned out by background noise from the car’s stereo or other passengers in the vehicle.

The ‘Summon’ Feature

Although Tesla has often been lauded for its robust warranties and revolutionary tech, some of the so-called cutting edge features can be considered superfluous and unjustifiable. Take, for example, their ‘summon’ feature which allows drivers to remotely initiate and control their car about a carpark without anyone even inside it. This is utterly inconsequential at best and downright dangerous at worst as the car is subject to the whims of any person or physical barriers that may be around it while driving itself. Some things are simply better left in the realm of science fiction.

Self-Parking Cars

One of the most talked-about new features in cars is self-parking technology. This feature allows a car to park itself without any input from the driver or passenger. While this could potentially be useful in certain situations, it is far from being necessary for everyday use. Additionally, it adds an extra layer of complexity to a car’s components, which could make maintenance more expensive down the road.

Automatic Seat Adjustment

Another feature that has recently been making its way into modern vehicles is automatic seat adjustment. This technology allows drivers to set their preferred seating position with just the push of a button, but it doesn’t come without its drawbacks either. For starters, there are often multiple settings for each seat; if you forget which setting you used last time, you will have to manually adjust your seat until you get it right again. Additionally, these systems can be difficult and time consuming to program correctly – something that many drivers don’t have time for on busy mornings!

Night Vision Technology

Night vision technology has also become increasingly popular in recent years as manufacturers tout its safety benefits. However, while this technology can help detect obstacles on dark roads that would otherwise be impossible to see with regular headlights, it still has yet to prove itself as a must-have feature in today’s cars. For starters, infrared night vision cameras require an immense amount of power compared to traditional headlights – something that many vehicles just don’t have enough of! Additionally, these cameras are only effective up close; they won’t be much use if you’re trying to spot something far away in the dark. 

There are plenty of new gadgets and gizmos popping up in our cars that may seem like fun additions but aren’t necessarily essential for driving safely or efficiently. While some features may add convenience or safety benefits depending on your individual needs and preferences, others may simply wind up taking up valuable space in your vehicle—space better used for something else! Ultimately, only you can decide which car features are worth having and which ones should stay out of your garage.

Written by Srikanth

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