5 Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand

By Himanshu Gupta
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5 Offline Marketing Strategies that Support Your Online Brand 1

A lot of times when companies create a comprehensive marketing strategy, a common mistake is to completely offline marketing and focus only on online channels.


Experts confirm that the best way to achieve the best results is to combine online marketing actions with offline marketing. If we can reach our customers through different channels we can be more effective.

Here are some offline Marketing actions that will support your online Marketing actions:

1) Corporate Stationery to communicate with our customers

The stationery material is an unbeatable opportunity for our potential customers to take a part of our brand. The more senses we use the more we remember a brand. If we can feel and touch a product that has been customized for your business like a pocket folder, a brochure, a card, a pen, or a notebook, it will be easier to remember the name of a brand in our mind. .

You can also place your logo into your giveaways, for example a pen. If you are looking for the best selling promotional pens for your business, check US Imprints online.

An example that works very well is giving personalized notebook to our customers. Notepads are very useful office materials and have a great impact if we add an exclusive and attractive design. Also because of their small size they are very comfortable and cheap to send. For example, if we have an online store, we can send as a gift in the same packaging as the product purchased by the user, a notebook with our brand.

Another important point is that online stores we have to differentiate from the transport company. We have to customize the packaging of our shipments.

2) Discount Coupons Card within the product packaging

According to some experts, Packaging is the forgotten marketing of an online store. There we have a great opportunity to retain our customers when they have made the first purchase.

To improve the packaging experience, we can insert stationery material associated with our brand into the package.

For example, if we have an online store, we can insert a discount coupon into the package that is sent to a customer to motivate them to make a next purchase in our eCommerce. That discount coupon we do with our corporate image.

The interesting thing is that we can perfectly measure the use of said coupon. We assign a name to the coupon. Then in our online store manager we can measure the number of purchases that were made with the coupons with this name. By measuring it we can know its effectiveness.

3) 3) Printed Cards & Leaflets 

Following the ideas of adding corporate stationery in the packaging,  we can also do card and leaflet distribution. Both can be used as ways to thank the customer for buying and to make them understand how important the purchase is for you. It is a simple gesture that can help build loyalty.

4) Send free samples of other products

There are sectors where sending small samples of other products related to the initial purchase of the customer is a good way to promote cross-selling. You can also have exhibition display stands in supermarkets to give away free samples of your product.

For example in the online pharmacy sector a lot is done. When you review the opinions of the customers, many agree that they have been delighted with the free sample gifts of other products.

5) Card in the Packaging with satisfaction survey

The opinions of customers who have purchased the product are the most widely read content formats by potential buyers and one of the most efficient techniques to increase the % conversion on a product card. Sometimes we are lucky that our product and delivery has been very satisfactory for the client but we have no way of encouraging him to comment on our website about his pleasant experience.

You can also motivate more users to leave their opinion if you offer a reward in return, for example, participate in an attractive contest.

Do your calculations and analyze if it is profitable to prepare a sample of gift and send it along with the purchase of the client.


Hence best way to get the best results from business it is must to combine online marketing actions and offline marketing

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