5 Powerful Tools to Reach Your Target Audience at the Right Moment

5 Powerful Tools to Reach Your Target Audience at the Right Moment 1

One aspect that any marketer cannot forget is the audience. Aren’t they the ones who get all your conversions!

But don’t ever do the mistake of trying to appeal to everyone. Rather than trying to market and please everyone carve out a plan to find your target audience.

Identifying and reaching out to your right audience should remain high on your priority list.

Knowing your audience and engaging with them is the key to all your marketing campaigns. It’s important for you to know their interests, what do they like on social media, what type of content are they sharing and liking, etc.

But reaching out to the right audience at the right time is still the greatest struggle that most of the marketers run into. Marketers should know the right time when the audience is most active and try to grab their attention in that short period of time.

But with the advent of a variety of tools, it has become easy for the marketers to conduct the search of the right audience with much more ease and perfection.

Here are 5 tools that can help you to reach to your right audience at the right time.

  1. cloohawk

Cloohawk is an intelligent social media management tool that assists to grow the right audience for your brand. The tool identifies influencers and leads who are taking about the same topic as you are.

‘Follow These People’ feature gives a list of people who are likely to be interested in your mission and suggests that you follow them on social media platforms. This is extremely helpful since it digs up audience who is aligned to you.

The ‘daily hashtag digest’ is a task offered by Cloohawk, which is an excellent collection of hashtags based on the recent conversations on social media. Using these most relevant hashtags you can reach out to your target audience.

  1. Audiense

Audiense is a tool that identifies audience that is relevant to your business.  It is a tool to find large audience that is perfectly matched to your brand.  With the help of this tool, you will be able to personalize the message and deliver it to your audience more effectively.

This tool will make use of the social data available to understand the audiences that will matter the most to your brand. It offers numerous filter options to create a report that will enable you to build the most personalised audience segments.

It analyses the connections between people using machine learning and instantly throws up your target audience.

  1. Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the widely used analytics platform with features that include finding the right audience for your brand. It provides data on the demographics such as the age, gender, language, location, behavior of the audience, interests, the kind of device that is used by audience, etc.

The details extracted by Google analytics give you the context to find exactly the same audience who are interested in your brand and product. These set of people have higher likelihood to purchase your product.

With the help of this audience data, you can establish the right marketing campaigns; share the content that is of their interest and build the right connect required to convert the audience into customers.

  1. QuickSprout

A successful social media marketer knows how to clearly identify the target audience. QuickSprout tool helps you to conduct research and develop your customer persona.

Personas are unique individual digital profiles of your customers. The personas relate to the ideal audience that you would like to have. Personas are based on demographics such as age, gender, location, language, education, income, interest etc.

Using personas and the psychographics on your audience, you can optimise the content to be shared with your audience, design specific marketing campaigns for specific audience groups.

With the right audience identified for your brand, it becomes easy to set conversion goals.

  1. SproutSocial

SproutSocial allows you to reach to a specific segment of your choice. Social media managers are trying to reach out to its audience by being creative and innovative. SproutSocial will help you to win the attention of your audience by being very specific about the target audience.

SproutSocial has publishing tools that help to schedule messages and post them to multiple platforms using the audience targeting options.

The audience targeting  can be applied on multiple criteria such as  audience interests, age, gender, relationship status, location, education and language and much more.

Once you have the audience insights, it helps you to connect better to your audience by providing them content that resonates to them.


Thought it may seem difficult to target the right audience, it becomes easier than ever before once you know how to do it.

Brands are now going extra mile to connect with potential customers by aligning their brand content toward the right audience at the right time.

By leveraging the consumer behavior and signals, it is possible to connect to the right audience with the right message and almost at a most precise moment.

The proliferation of social media management tools has made it possible to find the right audience just with a click of the mouse.

Written by Srikanth

Passionate Tech Blogger on Emerging Technologies, which brings revolutionary changes to the People life.., Interested to explore latest Gadgets, Saas Programs

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