5 Proven Ways to Increase Revenue and Decrease Cost with Web To Print Solution

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5 Proven Ways to Increase Revenue and Decrease Cost with Web To Print Solution 1

In this economic time, saving money with a multi-location business is challenging. Expanding your printing business will cost operations, inventory, and labor.


But here are five proven ways to generate more revenue and decrease the cost of running a print business with a web2print solution.

In 2021, the global web-to-print market was valued at $29.58 billion, and it is forecasted to grow at a 5.2% CAGR to reach $39.99 billion by 2027. So what’s web to print?

What is Web to Print? How does it work?

A web-to-print is an online service that hosts printing products and marketing materials on a website or portal. Customers can upload their own designs or create designs with the help of a web to print designer integrated into the website.

A web to print storefront provides live estimates and 3D previews of products. All of these processes work through an automated workflow, enabling live quotes and faster order processing.

From commercial printing to custom apparel, it accepts print-on-demand orders where customers can customize and design the products. They can also select design templates already in the website’s catalog and edit colors, fonts, and styles per their choice.

Put your money in the right place with web to print

With so many customers buying products online, businesses struggle to find innovative ways to attract audiences. Current statistics show that 80% of customers are likely to buy from a company that provides a personalized experienced.

But setting up a global business that offers personalized products is costly. There are too many things to take care of. Your marketing teams are bombarded with creative requests instead of focusing on marketing campaigns.

The sales team is also struggling to personalize products with details. Your budget is going haywire because you are buying materials from different vendors.

You will also end up with leftover materials and products. On the other hand, investing in a web-to-print business will save both your time and money. You don’t need a large budget to expand a web-to-print business globally.

Your team and franchise location can access, create, and customize orders, sales, and marketing through one consistent web-to-print platform.

Five easy ways to increase revenue from the web to print sales

5 Proven Ways to Increase Revenue and Decrease Cost with Web To Print Solution 2

Here are five ways to increase revenue from your web to print storefront:

1. Time-saving

With a web-to-print store, you can take many tasks off the plate of your graphic designers and marketing teams.

Your customers can order products by uploading their designs or editing free design templates available in the store. All the branding and marketing materials are consolidated in one storefront.

There’s no learning curve, no experience required to figure out what to do. The franchiser and franchisees can operate from one page.

A streamlined supply chain ensures there are no bottlenecks. Moreover, you can save time by handling the order process yourself 24/7 from anywhere without needing the help of your team.

2. Reduction in errors

Besides saving time, you’ll be able to save money from costly mistakes. If your locations are editing marketing materials without graphic designers, there are great chances it can lead to an error.

But a web-to-print site makes it easy to change the marketing materials. Your marketing team can approve it quickly before it goes for print production. This will reduce errors and save money on annual printing budgets.

The design process is also in the hands of your customers. They can view the proofs online, catch mistakes early on and give the production the go-ahead after approval.

3. Duplication in design

As a web-to-print solution offers personalization and editable design templates, there are no chances of design duplication. Personalized products have more impact on customers and more prospects of improving a business’s ROI than generic products.

In addition, custom designs mean every product will be different and more relevant to customers’ wants. You’ll have central control over your branding elements, such as your template library.

Users can choose from various design templates and edit them according to their requirements, reducing the chances of design duplication. This also absolves your design team from heavy demands.

4. Print and postage cost

Printing and postage costs can be pretty high, but web-to-print is meant to lower them for print businesses. When you upload products on your website, you choose specific vendors to produce them.

You can set contract prices with the vendors because your designs and products are already approved in advance. Once the printing costs are also approved, they can save your business money and make the ordering process faster.

Print-ready digital files can be created, emailed, or uploaded by customers. Moreover, you can save costs by ditching the traditional way of printing letters, envelopes, and postage.

Emails and letters can be sent from any workstation. You can also post them electronically to your customers in bulk. This is one way of marketing to your existing customers and generating revenue from them.

5. Faster response time

Web to print reduces the turnaround time in printing orders and reordering. You or your customers won’t have to create designs from scratch. The print-ready files can be used to reorder.

Moreover, customers can create many orders while a web to print service will print them in one go. Users can order 24/7 and choose from flexible payment options. The shipping time is also reduced as web-to-print businesses print products on demand, and digital printing doesn’t take much time. In a day or two, the product is ready to be shipped.


The benefits of a web to print software are endless for an online business and its customers. Print businesses can streamline their workflow and reduce production and labor costs. Customers will also be more attracted due to the personalization associated with a web to print store.

This can increase revenue for a print business. An all-in-one web-to-print solution by Design’N’Buy can help your business expand globally. It opens more opportunities for your business to increase its customer outreach and generate more revenue.

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