5 Reasons Trader builds Custom Strategy using latest technologies

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Trading 2020

Futures and options may seem a little complex to newcomers as it requires traders to have a deep understanding of the market dynamics and the knack to react to the dynamic market conditions. The ability to create and execute a well-defined trading strategy is a critical element of success in this field.


This is where a custom futures and option trading strategy builder comes into play. Here we will talk about 5 reasons why an F&O trader should consider using a custom strategy builder to achieve their trading goals.

5 Reasons to Use Future and Option Trading Strategy Builder

There are many futures and option trading platform that provide the facility of custom trading strategy builder. Dhan provides the ability to build custom strategies along with real-time monitoring, customisable indicators and data-driven decision-making. Here are 5 reasons to use a custom strategy builder.

  1. Create Tailored Strategies

Every trader may have different objectives and trading goals. A custom strategy builder allows you to eliminate guesswork and uncertainty by tailoring your trading strategies to your specific needs and goals. By using a custom strategy builder, F&O traders can create unique trading strategies that align with their risk appetite and trading style.

  1. Enables Strategy Optimisation

Custom strategy builders can enable you to optimize your trading strategies by backtesting them against historical data. By testing your strategies on real-time data using virtual money, you can fine-tune them to maximize your profits without incurring any losses.

  1. Allows Strategy Automation

Some futures and option trading platforms enable the automation of trading strategies through their custom strategy builder. 

This means that once the trading rules are set up, the system will execute trades automatically, removing the need for constant monitoring and decision-making. This not only saves time and effort but also removes the emotional bias that may affect trading decisions.

  1. Facilitates Risk Management

A custom strategy builder helps you implement better risk management strategies. By setting up rules that control the size of trades, the stop-loss levels, and the risk-to-reward ratios, you can minimize the impact of losses while maximizing the potential for profits. This enables maintaining a disciplined approach to trading, which is essential for long-term success.

  1. Provides Competitive Edge

A custom strategy builder can deliver a great advantage over other traders in a competitive market such as F&O. By creating unique trading strategies that are optimized for your specific needs and goals, you can achieve better performance than those who rely on generic trading strategies. This helps to create a competitive edge that can result in better profits and improved market positioning.


An option trading strategy builder is a critical tool for F&O traders who want to better manage their risk and utilize tailor-made strategies. A strategy builder helps in creating a trading atmosphere that suits your unique needs and trading style. 

Reputed futures and option trading platform like Dhan provide the facility of both custom strategy builder as well as pre-built strategies to suit both seasoned and new traders. 

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