5 Technologies transforming the field service business

By Sawailal Jangid
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5 Technologies transforming the field service business 1

Technology is ever evolving and is transforming the way businesses work. The introduction of cloud technology and smart held devices are the latest add-on to this. Field service management is one such field that has also witnessed advancement in its operation. The introduction of the latest technologies in the field, not only save time and resources but also allows the employee to invest more time in sales and other productive activities rather than documenting the day-to-day tasks.


With software now available on smartphones and tablets, it has become fairly easy to operate the application and update the job status even from a remote location. We have enlisted 5 technologies below that have a huge impact on field service business:

  • Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software has been a requirement for all the mid-sized and large sized business. It has improved the productivity of the business over time with its real-time data update and providing easy schedule management of employees. It eases off the day-to-day tasks and manages the costs, invoice, and dispatching, thereby decreasing the manual work.

The Help Desk Software is one such field service software that takes care of the customer calls and mundane tasks, take care of the initial response to the customer on company’s behalf and help in generation and management of new customer leads.

  • Use of Smartphones

Smartphones and field service mobile applications are extremely popular in field service management software domain. The mobile-friendly applications help in the update of the data even from the remote locations and hence provide real-time updates. The employee can update job completion status, work orders, and stay in touch with the cross departments even from a remote location. Hence it is extremely beneficial for people working in the field or from a remote location.

  • Switching from smartphones to Tablets

With smartphones being limited in functionalities, companies are preferring more to switch on tablets and IPad for the on-field employees. Tablets are prevailing in field service as they are more portable and have increased functionality than smartphones. They are comparatively cheaper to implement, provide multiple functions, and allow flexibility of use. The tablets are available with better hardware, which makes their battery lasts long, and are usually shockproof.

The integration of the SaaS was another reason for companies to upgrade from smartphones to tablets as it can’t be utilized fully on the phone. Hence tablets are needed to make the best use of the available technology

  • Payment Processing

With the integration of cloud technology and smartly held mobile devices, invoice processing has been done easily. The invoice can be generated easily and the sales department can be offered assistance even when they are at a remote location.

With the availability of ServiceMax alternatives for field service business, customers can make the payment online and allow the company to create an invoice immediately. Also termed as E-payment, it cuts down the queue of payment and makes the system record the payment instantly, thus easing out the business process.

  • Mobile Printers

Mobiles/Tablets can be connected to the printer via cable or Bluetooth. Implementing the portable printer gives the employee a flexible office and equipped them with the freedom to deliver services, offer contracts and deliver receipts as and when required. Employees can review/edit and print documents on the go. They are durable and are self- powered.

Technology is evolving at a faster pace. With devices being well configured and software being advanced the field service management software is also implementing the latest technology. The usage of the proper field software not only increase the productivity of your business but also helps in increased overall efficiency.

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