5 Technology Trends for the Next 5 Years

By Sony T
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5 Technology Trends for the Next 5 Years 1

Technology has advanced at an extremely rapid rate over the past few decades and the trend is guaranteed to continue for the foreseeable future.


It seems scary to think that popular innovations such as Instagram and Amazon Echo were launched within the last ten years.

Given how quickly technology is advancing, it would be no surprise to see both of them replaced by something even more exciting in the future.

With that in mind, read on as we take a closer look at some of the technology trends that we believe are worth monitoring closely in the next five years.

VR Gaming

A recent study by Betway Insider found that a 90-minute gaming session on Fortnite can burn the same number of calories as performing more than 350 squats.

The emergence of virtual reality (VR) technology could see gaming provide even greater health benefits, with developers able to utilise it to create more physically active games.

VR games such as Until You Fall and Active Arcade have already proved to be hugely popular and we anticipate more games of this ilk will be created in the next five years.

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3D Printing

Many technology experts have been waxing lyrical about 3D printing for some time now and its impact is widely forecast to become more widespread.

3D printing is a process where three-dimensional objects are assembled from a digital file and use far less commodities than traditional printers.

Automotive, healthcare, sportswear and aerospace are amongst the industries that have already adopted 3D printing tech and more will jump on the bandwagon.

Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics will be the next major development in the field of robotics, firing the practice into a completely different stratosphere.

Robots with enough intellectual capacity to undertake a variety of tasks around the home are likely to become commonplace over the coming years.

The development of robots with the capability to hear, see, understand and communicate with the world around them could be massively transformative for society.

Autonomous Vehicles

The rollout of 5G technology should have a significant impact on the development of autonomous vehicles and make them commercially viable in the next few years.

Autonomous vehicles work by sensing their surroundings and responding to external conditions without any input from human beings.

Many respected experts believe that autonomous vehicles could significantly increase road safety by removing human error from the roads.

Healthcare Technology

The healthcare industry has been more open than most to embrace technology and this will undoubtedly continue apace in the future.  

Cloud-based infrastructures will help to deliver improved levels of data privacy for patient records and significantly improve other elements of online security in healthcare.

Robots will also increasingly be used in surgical procedures, easing the workload on overstretched medical staff and helping patients receive much better health outcomes.

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